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    toys R us
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Snoopy is being watched

    Why 'Snoopy' always slept on the roof ?

          New York Times (Sept. 3, 2018) : ... microwave weapons can debilitate, sow noise or even kill.  Advanced powers, might accomplish more nuanced aims such as beaming spoken words into people’s heads. (brief)   news about 2 years later than and fewer than those this website surfaced...
New York Times (Jan. 27, 2017) : "Uneasy about the future (state of democracy), Readers turn to Dystopian classics (  novels about "Big Brother", such as "1984", "Brave New World", etc hit records top of Amazon 2017). 
World people should be uneasy about the fact    high-tech. mind manipulation has already been used on human for years.....  Oct. 2016

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