Who is editing your life ?   reading & changing  your mind ?
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  Silent Protest:   high tech mind-control torture  ...    more informative & courageous than many Pulitzer-prize cartoons



  pic.: No. 1  "high tech mind control" on Microsoft Bing , test at 2022-10-16, 2022-2-5, 2022-1-4, 2021-10-24

No. 2  "high tech mind control" on Yandex of Russia , test at 2022-1-4 




pic.:  3 Billboards outside the crime scene

 a visual parody of "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri", Oscar award nominee of 2018

The darkness didn't and won't feel "great pain", unlike chief Willoughby  ...


  pic.: No. 1  "high tech mind control" on US Google , test at  2-28-2020


  pic.: No. 1  "high tech mind control" on US Google , test at  1-1-2020~1-2-2020,  12-18-2019, 12-1-2019, 7-30-2019











miki mouse
     Toys R us, a  tragic show
mind was wirelessly controlled and 'documented'
by high-tech. theft

(no implanted-chips needed)



Snoopy is being watched


Why 'Snoopy' always slept on the roof ?
'Snoopy' feels naked when his private life
 is so open to dark force snoops











   Electrocution = mental torture / death inside.


"Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them?..."

by William Shakespeare


 that is not the question!   Fight it !!


a crime against humanity !

political torture




Nuremberg trial



















   a proof - Scientists love "unlimited number" brains for "researching".
documents in Nuremberg Trial (WWII) shows the Nazi medical doctor Hallerverden liked to have "unlimited number" brains ( from illegal kills) for researching. 
Nazi's T4 medical crime murder center will return today?




◆ 1.

       protect world human rights  


Snow White, pull strings puppet
   Think different !

"Mannequin" challenge

Harass, and control your life by pulling the strings - immorally
Snow White may become
 hot Marilyn Monroe


"It's cruel !  worse than any torture , to twist a man's soul ..."
( movie <Silence>, 2016/2017 )






Golden Rule, USA gift to United Nations 

   Brain-to-brain terror
American true spirit & core value 
: All men are created equal

a visual parody cartoon modifying

"The golden rule" (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you), an art-work gift from USA to the United Nations (headquarter) 

in 1985,  

to advise setting aside dirty politics in lieu of humanity.







God Jesus



evils reckless play or replace Gods
following the light of the world ?

Historically, no separation of
church and state politics


torture by electric shock

    Electrocution version 2.0
by cordless remote-control
 In torture we trust forever.


Golden Rule: http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=47089#.WBmJCSzr2Uk


Liberty statue read mind

    "I think therefore I am"
The dark-force may pay it no mind
freely edit your mind
ps:Evil took all sorts of liberties to limit the liberty of free think.





brain bombs

You're targeted !



"how many times must the cannonballs fly
Before they're forever banned?"

"how many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn't see ?
"Blowing in the wind", by Bob Dylan, winner of 2016 Nobel award in literature






Star War

   'Star War' in Xmas



Justice Dead


   Lady Justice's scale became a chopping block  ...




Church war

    go low, or go high ? 








Liberty statue tears with heart

 Liberty statue tears with heart
















pokemon & Sleepy beauty

     political haunting project in a







Human mind experiment


 "Brave New World" in "1984"
- human mind control equals raping

 in a non-barbaric act 

save humans !     save humanism !!









All lives matter, Here lies the truth
 - some politicians pave a crosswalk
to save their own skin by sacrificing other's life

 Let's find out who are the worst politicians!




Mind Control

  "ghosts" in the soul, a haunting project  
ps: inspired from a famous Japanese film "貞子"





Deposit room safety box


     Un-bloody organ harvest 2.0 
safety deposit box for people entering the field
a willful act, or being done by a dramatic surgery
Don't sell your and other soul to the devil
for self-preservation






watching you

 Keyhole or loophole ?  

Watch the people?   listen to the people ?

Politicians want dirt, and high-tech. thefts
dig it 
Americans dislike systematically collecting their phone data,
certainly hate mind-reading on them





Hitler Nazi returns
Hitler watch people

   The dead is alive, the alive are dead
"Nazi" returns with much more spooky killing weapons.
ps: Hitler
expressed he likes mind-manipulating weapon - so that all things will be a lot easier.









cyborg alien


   cyborg 2.0 - half dead or half alive
mind-control equals raping crime

 - immoral, psychotic, promiscuous





   embedded "bombs"

were secretly "implanted" into victims





find wrong target         

   Compound-eye fruit-flies got wrong targets
inspired from the book <The American moral crisis>




          Hitler cursor hand
    New Nazi's Under-hand

    started a joke which started the whole world crying ...











World War II old-style theatrics return in new forms  - Creating fears by setting 'topless' examples
(violence drama - flunkies and opportunists persecuting or humiliating the innocent target-victim(s) as an enemy or a traitor)




DEMOcrazy?  vs.  democracy

public shaming show trial




public punishment show


How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,


It Can’t Happen Here ??





persecutors descended from headhunters










     "Is it progress if a cannibal uses knife and fork?"/ Stanisław Jerzy Lec

   In a State of the Union Address, US President R. Reagan quoted Chinese  philosopher Lao-Tzu's
(<道德經>, <the book of morals & ethics>)
 "Governing a great country is like 'cooking a small fish'"
How did the state machines... do "small fishes" in the past years ??   political persecutions










The darkness fully support freedom of expression !


an invisible invasion ??


Taiwan's Apple Daily, editorial, 6-16-2020: Taiwan's politics still intervene or meddle media. 
Apple Daily, editorial, 12-14-2019 : Since DPP took office in 2016,  political culture of authoritarianism (威權式政治文化) gradually showed up in Taiwan.  United Daily, editorial, 6-23-2019: mega-data became politician's instrument to control public opinions


◆  China Times, editorial  3-9-2020  The gov. suppressed freedom of speech by 4 layers:
1、 Political power forms threats (penalty fine and suspending the license) to certain media。
2、 Secretly bullying by internet army, cyber force ... and so on


State violence and white terror (product of state violence) return in Taiwan (United Daily, opinion, 12-21-2017, 12-27-2017).

Apple Daily 3-29-2019 editorial opinion: Democracy & Freedom of speech is the bottom line which should never be lost, the government should not create chilling effect by fishing in trouble water.  
The China Times 12-14-2019 editorial : the gov. seriously harmed free speech by investigating those messages shared or published on the net by the masses 

This is an EVIL state apparatus (column, CTN, 5-9-2018): Taiwan has shown a general tendency toward pandering state apparatus, surrendering in mind control ... http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20180509000843-260109

Abusing power to invade citizen's rights, going old route of anti-democracy are their nature  (United Daily, opinion, 12-20-2017).  https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2886710

ref to https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2897025http://udn.com/news/story/7338/2179800

Now it seems hard to keep Taiwan's skin-deep democracy ... the people's "livelihood" was sacrificed for politics ...The United Daily - Opinion, 3-7-2017




 †  politician's peace of mind by sacrificing casualties

puppets pull the strings cartoon

   "read" , "write"
 are redefined
by political-criminals with perfect





Trump build a great wall

     Hope Trump will build a sky-high great wall to block  illegal "aliens" in human's heads!!    ps:  Donald Trump in 2016 Republican National Convention Speech mentioned "puppet" and "pull the string"...





     humans inside-out,
 'batman' upside down

(Bats sabotage rivals' senses with waves)



   'Nazi' is pulling stunts on
 'spider man'





I am watching you, roof cartoon 

      Tame Head  -
think digital warfare purgatory a digital safe haven


hoi polloi under control











  "moratorium"  (gag order) or Obscurantism fools the people ...       it's not democratic !
     If one's soul resides another's body (eternal life),
       one world is not enough






Hitler Pull strings 

   "Satan" reaches telepathically
inside the mind of victim -
like puppet
is doing control-freak's bidding








Lady justice & Venus



   Lady Justice became 'Venus'







   "Hail Hitler !!"







Nazi Hitler cartoon 
     Naked body? or naked mind?
see through what's in psychopath's bone
 Take control of all lives !! 















    Exorcist vs Demon ?
pretender & fraud behind 



"Brain Storm"       

scientific attacks certainly not only have been bugging u  all night long





   scapegoats take the rap - officials deflect the blame!





kinds of excuses








heart broken

heartened by the spirit of peace ??

electronic shocks
form a emblem of peace



mind control     

peace or war

     war <> peace




"Poles were murdered twice, 
first by the stroke of an axe,
         and for the second time by silence;
    the second death is worse ... ! " 

 by Jam Zaleski , the Polish film <WOLYN> (Hatred)  about tortures 1939 ~ 1945


ps: Political "murder" usually destroy life as well as personality !








Nuremberg trial















 I want You








   a proof - Scientists love "unlimited number" brains for "researching".
documents in Nuremberg Trial (WWII) shows the Nazi medical doctor Hallerverden liked to have "unlimited number" brains ( from illegal kills) for researching. 
Nazi's T4 medical crime murder center will return today?



   Satan's whisper, into the heart 
( (Who wants to "share your thoughts"?))




I want you


      I (USA? or Taiwan?  or ...) want your soul !
History is watching


US StarGate report  seems to deny having such high-tech. mind-controlling weapons


People's Daily, 2020-10-15 : Taiwan strictly monitors Taiwanese
World Journal (US), 2020-12-6: persecutions are everywhere in Taiwan




 ( a violent, penetrative scientific power) "You called Discovery,  I called the Rape ..."  /  Jurassic Park ,  1990

ps: the visual parody cartoon was exhibited in Japan, etc.







◆ 2.

       Speak out openly  


 by Silent cartoons ...  


Hello Kitty Speak Out

    freedom of expression is re-defined
evil power: "pls. feel free to express (scream) when I 'rape' u"

 (Kitty: a Japanese icon character without a mouth)







educate politicians

    It's dangerous & unpredictable to educate warmongering politicians









reporter reach final line

      Best reporter reaches final-line first









press interview


super-real  Truman show
Psychology comes to play




black box cartoon

   Right timing for opening the black-box







against danger 

      a poetry resonance VS evil's voices  (韶vs武)










    SCREAMing  for electrocutions & creepy voices
 unbiasedly reporting the dark power is beating up on the weakness who can't defend themselves





buddha monk

     Martin Luther King (USA) & Mohandas Gandhi’s (India)
 non-violent approach to fight
evil worming their way into the brain






◆ 3.

                  see  Taiwan    in 1 minute  

                                                                                                                                                                            below each visual parody, cartoon on The dark side of Tw. are related or relevant reports or comments




Taiwan  state apparatus fully support freedom of expression & democracy !

You can scream as loud as you want

  The louder you scream, the more they enjoy ...

more readings :

State violence and white terror (product of state violence) return in Taiwan (United Daily, opinion, 12-21-2017, 12-27-2017).

Apple Daily 3-29-2019 editorial opinion: Democracy & Freedom of speech is the bottom line which should never be lost, the government should not create chilling effect by fishing in trouble water.  
The China Times 12-14-2019 editorial : the gov. seriously harmed free speech by investigating those messages shared or published on the net by the masses 

This is an EVIL state apparatus (column, CTN, 5-9-2018): Taiwan has shown a general tendency toward pandering state apparatus, surrendering in mind control ... http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20180509000843-260109

Abusing power to invade citizen's rights, going old route of anti-democracy are their nature  (United Daily, opinion, 12-20-2017).  https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2886710

ref to https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2897025http://udn.com/news/story/7338/2179800

Now it seems hard to keep Taiwan's skin-deep democracy ... the people's "livelihood" was sacrificed for politics ...The United Daily - Opinion, 3-7-2017










 United Daily, 10-23-2019, editorial: Taiwanese telecom frauds run wild the entire world to damage Taiwan's image.  

 CTV evening news, 12-14-2017  19:19pm: Taiwanese fraud crimes are really all over the world.   EBC  TV news 4-9-2017 6:54am: Taiwan is notorious for its fraud crimes all over the world, damaging the image of Taiwan 


BBC 4-22-2016: Taiwanese massive international telecoms frauds lead to diplomatic row between Taiwan and China, and cost Chinese victims billions of Yuan and to have driven some to suicidehttp://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-36108762


    Taiwan largely sees these telecom frauds/phone scammers as an asset rather than liability... / quora


Taiwan's legal system is extremely tolerant of the scammers. Not matter how much money was involved in a scamming case  /  https://www.quora.com/Does-Taiwan-rely-on-the-fraud-industry-heavily,  /4-16-2016


 Taiwan's legislators and judicial system don't have a sense of shame on int'l telecomm scammers issue  /  ref to United Daily News (聯合報), Opinion, 8-2016 


   Crime liability in China, or Japan, Germany is much more serious than that in Taiwan, China may give it  life imprisonment , Taiwan treats it  minor offense, converting Imprisonment into Fine.   Taiwan is a "low risk, high profit" country for fraud crimes ... / EBC TV news 4-9-2017 6:54am ps14

        international nuisances & social harms







drug trade





Taiwan's image  ―  notorious for being a major drug transit center & a major drug exporting country  ("drug" - amphetamine, etc, ps )

Police of Japan and Australia  already labelled Taiwan as "High Risk" illegal drug-exporting country

Based on Japan's statistics,  Taiwan is its No.3 drug resource country ......  ref to The China Times, headline news, 4-4-2017

   Taiwan was already reduced to be a kingdom of producing narcotic drugs, United Daily, 11-2-2017, headline news.   Taiwan's anti-drug is a fake show / CTN, 7-2017

 Taiwan got bad records in The Asia/Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG)  for the law and law-enforcement problems / UDN 4-11-2017


Drug-abuse in Taiwan is too serious to stop / Apple Daily, Opinion, 5-15-2017

           international nuisances & social harms




  PS  definition of "drugs" - amphetamine, Cocaine, cannabis,marijuana, Morphine, Ketamine, heroin, diacetylmorphine, opium, etc.



Does Taiwan
 Have democracy?






  Food safety is one of biggest challenges to Taiwan /
The China Times. 8-6-2016, an interview to Taiwan president Tsai


 Professor Yin M.D. (殷宗海, Doctor, Univ. of London ): Minimize the times of dining out to protect your health !


  Food scandals never end, the officials hide  news from consumers CTN editorial, 10-20-2018

 Government's food-safety budget is too little, only USD0.03 allocated for each Taiwanese, according to 前瞻plan / The China Times, 7-9-2017


The  limit-amount  (ppm, part per million) of pesticide  residue are restricted to in Taiwan is 1000 times that in Europe / The China Times, Opinion <短評 "Taiwan is more toxic than before>, 4-21-2017

Beaviss : dummy ! there's no poison, addictives, MSG, lard oil, gutter oil,  added in these Chinese heritage arts - pork stone and cabbage jade
 Butter-Head: so, we can eat these healthy foods now?!
a visual parody by Zola Zu



Economist EIU Democracy Index 2019 shows Taiwan is "Flawed democracy", 2019's overall score is lower than 2015's and 2016's, the scores of "political culture", "political participation" are low (5.63, 6.11)

Apple Daily, editorial, 12-7-2019:  in this bad election morality age, Taiwan president becomes a low threshold, min. qualification criteria position, and a laughingstock.

Taiwan politics belongs to corporations (not the people) and is controlled by the political parties <Foerign Policy> 2015.


Now it seems hard to keep Taiwan's skin-deep democracy... the people's "livelihood" was sacrificed for politics ...The United Daily - Opinion, 3-7-2017


Taiwan's financial system is rotten ... / FTV news, 5-29-2017




WEF <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> of 2019 shows Taiwan had the sub-region's largest decline in competitiveness,  Taiwan ranks 10th in Asia


China - People's Daily's Global Times (7-19-2016) Opinion-editorial: Tourists're gambling their lives in Taiwan  ...


  BBC UK, The SUN (2-13-2017): "BUS CRASH HORROR !" Taiwan's transportation "safety standards need to be improved".


 Taiwan has had a poor aviation safety record/
CNN, Newsweek
, 2-4-2015

 People's Daily (8-4-2016) Opinion-editorial: Chinese not dare to visit Taiwan without safety assurance ,  there's
loopholes in law and regulation, careless mistakes in administration, not-good-enough system, etc


  Japan, Canada, the US also warned their nationals to Taiwan about traffic accident problems.

  All night-market districts across Taiwan have safety problem similar to the big gas-cylinder LPG-explosion in Fengjia (逢甲) night market (known as largest night-market business district in Taiwan) / The China Times, 7-19-2017







 <Foreign Policy> 12-14-2016 named Taiwan President Tsai as
one of leading thinkers of 2016 for "Poking the bear" .

Trump treats Taiwan a leverage, one China policy as bargaining chips



Salmon is poking the bear ?  Taiwan suffers in danger !


  Bloomberg news 3-14-2018: In the future, Taiwan will suffer even more, as it

gets caught  in the middle between a stronger China and a inward-looking US...




The Interpreter , The LOWY Institute ( Australia ), 6-16-2020 :
treating Taiwan as a conduit to frustrate Beijing imperils Taiwan’s security.
 Already many in China’s party-state suspect that the US intends to promote Taiwan independence, ...
The risk here is that U.S. policy encourages an overreaction from China, upsetting the
cross-straits status quo or whatever remains of it, and
then the United States abandons Taiwan to deal with the consequences



DW (Germany) ,11-10-2020:The Biden administration will have to make it quite clear
from the outset whether it is ready to go to war for Taiwan's sake

Japan Sankei Shimbun ( 產經新聞),10-29-2020:Japan's DM 岸信夫: Given military imbalance of
both sides, anything can happen, Taiwan must be very cautious

WSJ,10-13-2020:  continued ambiguity in the face of Xi's escalating rhetoric and provocative movements by his armed forces
in the Taiwan Strait presents the greater risk of a confrontation as dangerous  as the Cuban Missile Crisis

  Bloomberg news 3-14-2018: In the future, Taiwan will suffer even more, as it

gets caught  in the middle between a stronger China and a inward-looking US...


Chicago Tribune, Yahoo News,10-12-2020: We should defend Taiwan... Yet, to be effective as a deterrent, Beijing has to see it as
 a defensive move by Washington, aimed at preserving the status quo, and not as part of a new offensive against China
  Economist,10-9-2020:  China could wipe out Taiwan’s navy and air force ...  Taiwan’s preparedness and its will to fight both look shaky. 
Many insiders are accordingly pessimistic about its ability to hold out.

New York Times at  4-18-2018: The U.S. and Taiwan are seen

as heading in a direction that is getting perilously close to

 Chinese red lines...... (Taiwan president Tsai  stated)

" Many  people say we are pawns of other people ......"   



 CNN 2-19-2020:  TW president: "What we are expecting is, after withstanding the first wave of
Chinese attacks ourselves, the rest of the world would stand up to exert strong pressure on China" ....
"Taiwan as an underdog facing down the growing might of Beijing" ... 
  Taiwan military


  Washington Post, 8-20-2018: 
Taiwan's precarious role in the China-US spat  !
(Trump adm.'s Taiwan policy is unpredictable); 


  Bloomberg news 10-19-2018: Taipei mayor says
Taiwan is "just a product on a shelf" for Trump


Taiwan Defense Secretary: can resist Chinese army for about 1+ week (CTV 12-18-2016)




Justice're raped  !


Justice is ruler's tool, judiciary is controlled by politics - The Liberty Times, 6-19-2016

UDN 2-26-2019: Nearly 80% Taiwanese are not satisfied with judicial reform, Nearly 80% don't believe justice


Nearly 80% Taiwanese don't believe judges and prosecutors;

Nearly 80% Taiwanese are not satisfied with gov. measures against corruption  - Liberty Times 2-23-2016


Taiwan prosecutors admitted they usually follow orders to conclude legal cases - UDN headpage, 6-18-2016






One of Taiwan's Principal
human rights problems :

rotten (corruption)



  ref. to US Country Report on Human Rights, 2015-2017, and PERC 2009, etc.


In platform presentation at 12-25-2019, Nationalist Party Presidential candidate Han criticized President Tsai has allowed top officials around grow very corrupt, Tsai refuted KMT was more serious, People First Party candidate Song said that speaking of corruption and unfair judiciary, KMT and DPP are about the same rotten.


DEMOcrazy / democracy

Taiwan torture


Taiwan tortures its own people -
a major difference from what CIA did

also violate Nuremberg Code

Professor Lin R.S. was subject to
electromagnetic wave attacks /
French AFP, Bangkok Post,  Dec. 2011
, Yahoo UK & Ireland, etc








◆◆◆air pollution, water pollution


Taiwan, a "kingdom" of mask  ― 

Taiwan's CCPI (Climate Change Performance Index - GHG emissions, renewable energy, etc) rank of 2019 is reciprocal third among countries, the score/ranking is from bad to worse since 2017.

Apple Daily 12-11-2019, headline news: Taiwan's air pollution is bad to worse, about half population were endangered by PM2.5 and PM10 from top 10 hazardous level companies (China Steel, Taichung Power plant, etc) 


Lancet Planetary Health (April 10, '19):

"The 4th worst for rate of kids getting Asthma from traffic air pollution" 

China Times》, Taiwan,  4-12-2019 :
the government was criticized that lacking intention to improve air pollution.


Taiwan administration's policy led to air pollution, toxic pollution in the land and sea ... 
 (The China Times, 1-7-2018 台灣海陸空污染毒害山海變色 http://www.chinatimes.com/newspapers/20180107000465-260114Daily Mail (UK) 7-14-2017 : Shocking underwater video from Taiwan shows ocean floor littered with plastic (bottles) garbage)


Taiwan's environmental quality (serious air pollution, bad water) was ranked

almost the last in all OECD countries  / 9-21-2015 China Times


 Taiwan built an environment to kill legally , for its PM2.5 air-pollution-control standard
15 years behind  /
dean, College of Public health, National T
aiwan University,  UDN headpage, 10-16-2017;   Liberty Times 1-4-2016 (http://news.ltn.com.tw/news/life/paper/945998).


Taiwan,  in the lower ranks, placing 54th out of 57 nations in the CCPI with regards to cutting down carbon emissions

and other greenhouse gases. / Taipei Times, 11-23-2017  taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2017/11/23/2003682785

United Daily, Opinion, 12-2-2017: 2/3 of Taiwan's air pollutions came from local,

the "culprit" is too many
coal-fired power generation - Taiwan government's policy.









Taiwan politicians buried people alive 



in quakes of mag 6



Taiwan government (including local gov.) has not well taken its fundamental responsibility of protecting the safety of people's life and property -

why are there so many tall buildings located on the fault-zone?

why are poor architectures everywhere on bad geologic grounds ?

why are those shit-hole politicians doing nothing and ignoring urban renewal so as to risk millions of old houses and human beings ??
why 5/6 bridges badly in need of repair have not done ?  government even has never made public the info. and where those bridges are. (ref. to United Daily, 10-9-2019, headline news)



  (full text: https://udn.com/news/story/11321/2974813 聯合報社論/斷層帶上何以建了那麼多高樓?  2-8-2018,  https://udn.com/news/story/7338/2977079 勿讓軟腳樓成坑殺人命陷阱 2-9-2018,  https://tw.appledaily.com/headline/daily/20180209/37928659花蓮 都更 爛政客   2-9-2018)





Taiwan air force




 Express UK, 6-17-2020:  World War 3: China preparing for 'military struggle' as Taiwan row intensifies     CNN, 8-11-2020 : Beijing's warplanes have only crossed  the Taiwan Strait "median line" ( "the de facto cease-fire line") intentionally three times since 1999 (ps: Newsweek 8-12-2020: since 1949)-- once in March 2019, in February of this year, and again on Monday (Azar met with Taiwan President Tsai) ps: In 2020, PLA fighters crossed median line more than 40 times




Taiwan declared no other air forces are allowed to flex their muscle in Taiwan air space/ Apple Daily 5-30-2016,...


  Taiwan's sky, our air-space ?   








have been patient sufferance of so many politically
bullies and toying (and killings), hence turned into obedient, docile people 

Washington Post, 1-2-2017 :    When asked to choose between

formal independence or maintaining economic ties with China,

 83 percent chose bread over romance...






Eagle at home, chicken abroad,
sharp spikes pointing to
 its own hoi polloi

Le Monde diplomatic of France,
Mai 2016, depicted Taiwan
as a
trembling sweating rat (or mouse), backing to
a huge cat (China), is lifting high the banner "$O$"





pollute the sea







Taiwan     a piss boy polluting the environment 


        Asian's biggest sewage treatment plant in Taiwan's New Taipei,  skipped the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and disposed dirty and disgusting water into the sea for probably 4-5 years, witnesses confirmed. / Next, front-page, 4-6-2017
 Taiwan administration's Dioxin ("poison of the century") control system crashed completely / FTV news, 4-22-2017
   NO justice !  The courthouse judged enterprise's disposing 5000 ton cancer-producer strong acid and waste water into the river-creek (color changed to dark yellow ) and endangering the natural environment  is no guilty !  / headline news of Apply Daily, 9-30-2015  http://www.appledaily.com.tw/appledaily/article/headline/20150930/36807420/

  "Wanna murder people?"  Official certification  for food (CAS) includes not Dioxin.    Pollution for12 yrs never end, Dioxin inside many people already over the limit probably, TW government has never done source-control, never stop contaminants (pollutant, e.g., plastic, inks from industry, fly-ash from incinerator, etc) going to our environment  / Apple Daily, head-page, 4-22-2017   






Taiwan, a soft chicken



 NewsWeek, 10-28-2020: As China Threatens War, Nearly Everyone in Taiwan Wants Peace: Poll


◆  “Their underlying thinking is that PLA has grown to be too strong for us to fight militarily anyway... Taiwan should just focus on putting up a good show of being tough, buy enough U.S. weapons for display, and pray that Americans come to our rescue /  Foreign Policy, 8-20-2020  https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/08/20/taiwan-military-flashy-american-weapons-no-ammo/

 Taiwan’s preparedness and its will to fight both look shaky
/  Economist,10-9-2020


New York times,  5-18-2017:  The gov has
 left the military understaffed and in a state of low morale ...


 Taiwan president beset by low approval rate because of weakness against foreign countries, even including Philippines, a backward country dared to hurt Taiwan, not to mention military strong ones, China, Japan, etc
ref. to Forbes, 5-21-2013

Taiwan Presidential Hall
Taiwan national flag still function /
working as weather cock to learn  which way and how strong the political wind blowing

lay the blame to an innocent one

Major crimes fled easily
The little or innocent took the rap

Little ones take the rap in major cases (Apple Daily head-page 8-30-2016, 7-11-2016, headline 12-19-2014CTS 12-19-2014;  Liberty Times, 12-24-2015, etc).
Taiwan's legislators and judicial system don't have a sense of shame on releasing many int'l telecomm scammers and fraud groups (
United Daily, 8-24-2016 editorial ).

In the past 8 years, about 100 major crimes escaped overseas easily and happily (
Next magazine, Liberty Times, 12-31-2015) ps3





watch the people, or listen to the people?

keyhole or loophole ?

Taiwanese privacy



People's Daily, 10-25-2020: Taiwan Intelligence strictly monitors Taiwanese people by so called "Green Terror"




Wanted Poster


pic.:  a mirror on WANTED poster /
Taiwan's political culture & ecology can't cultivate citizens knowing and obeying the law ...
 <United Daily> 8-24-2016 editorial

TW Taiwan government logo
 Taiwan lacks creativity, not cold calculations
  The logo
(pic. above) of Taiwan gov. / Ministry of Economic Affairs (pic. above) is similar to Canadian logos (pic.below) appeared earlier .     click cyber-link : Taiwanese creativity

       logo Canada    

   ps: Taiwan lacks key-tech. to make a  coach (bus) / the China Times 3-29-2017



  Pic.:   Hypocritical government / Taiwan declared crackdown on prostitution, only to turn into a country with world No.1 percentage of the adult going to sex related business (Apple Daily 12-25-2014 )

ps: Prostitution is violence against women / ref to <Prostitution : violence with no name>, "Prostitution et Societe", 2010, "Int'l Day for the Elimination of Violence against women", 11-25-2016 France.   Taiwan government is the main criminal to harm women's rights in large scale.   






'comfort women' style kowtow diplomacy,
Taiwan served 2 powers, USA and/or China


Taiwan's economy is highly reliant on China,
Taiwan needs the US for national defense...


ps: "serving dicks" ("捧L.P.") is a widely-known political slang in Taiwan




Potential 'suicide bomber' !?

undergound das explosion disaster Taiwan


  It triggered public anger that Taiwan gov. never and refuse to go public residential-area locations with potential explosion risks,
even huge fiery underground explosion disasters
happened recently,
   Hidden underground pipelines with dangerous Ethylene, Propylene, liquefied petroleum gas, etc may pass through your home  / apple daily,  8-2-2014   

  ps: the little whale is Taiwan-island shape. 

◆◆Land slide disaster in Taiwan◆◆


Taiwan has never gone public via media
those area with
landslide disaster risks,

lots of houses with potential fatal dangers in Taiwan.


<CTS HD>, 5-23-2016 : <遠見> study found Taiwanese people gave a "failure" score

 (53.5) on "living safety".







Taiwan illegal fishing

Taiwan, a pirate boat ?


<The Diplomat> (4-14-2016) :  Taiwan's illegal fishing is 'out of control' -  EU warned in 2015 Taiwan with a yellow card for illegal fishing.  GreenPeace criticized Taiwan gov. for knowing this issue but does little. (wait & see how TW  nw law works)

Washington Post 2-22-2018: Taiwan is No.2
fishing nation as measured by Global fishing Watch's Automatic Identification Sys., 2016.
  Green Peace, 5-2-2019:  It remains our view that Taiwanese fisheries still have many serious problems, both environmental and social, and that the need for reform is clear and urgent.    <the interpreter>, 2019: Taiwan ...illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing... Taiwan has so far refused to adopt the Work in Fishing Convention. 




US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices released at 3-13-2019: Labor laws do not cover domestic household workers, leaving them vulnerable to labor exploitation.   Foreign workers were most susceptible to forced labor, especially when serving as crew members on Taiwan-flagged fishing vessels.   Mistreatment and poor working conditions for foreign fishermen remained common.   Foreign fishermen recruited offshore were not entitled to the same labor rights, wages, insurance, and pensions as those recruited locally.  Some labor brokers charged foreign workers exorbitant recruitment fees and used debts incurred from these fees in the source country as tools of coercion to subject the workers to debt bondage.  


Taiwan's principal human rights problems reported :

exploitation of foreign workers, including foreign crewmembers

on long-haul fishing vessels  / USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,   3-3-2017




   More than 100 foreign laborers were

 raped each year  / BBC 1-24-2017

   Taiwanese endured foreign household caregivers who

prefer an easy job and are picky about patients and

severe disabilities...,  Economic Daily News ( 經濟日報, 2015-11-28)







 <Reporters Sans Frontieres> (RSF, France) , 4-18-2019:  Taiwan’s journalists are suffering from a very polarized media environment dominated by sensationalism and the pursuit of profit. Although President Tsai Ing-wen has said she wants to continue developing press freedom in Taiwan, few concrete measures have been taken to improve journalists’ editorial independence and encourage media to raise the quality of the public debate.


<Reporters Sans Frontieres> (RSF, Reporters without Borders),  France,  4-27-2017 :   Local government officials are also directly interfering in the editorial policies of state-owned media



     ●  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,   3-3-2017 :  some media self-censorship with regard to China......

     ●  RSF: “the main threat to media freedom comes from China, which has been exerting growing economic and political pressure on the Taiwanese media.”

     ●  The faceless coward-hackers tried to damage expression-freedom and stop my modifying this web-page.  6-10-2017  around 17:00pm eastern time








 †  USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices,  

 3-3-2017 & 2016, 2015 /

 One of Taiwan's principal human rights problems -domestic violence,

Taiwanese women suffered being raped (spousal rape).  Many victims

 did not report the crime for fear of social stigmatization.

  Various nongovernmental organization (NGO) and academic

 studies estimated that the total number of sexual assaults was seven

to 10 times the number reported to police.  




where's Birds Flu ...?



Taiwan (TW) is dishonest and 'cruel'
trying to hide, block, delay public-health news,
e.g., poisoned eggs, PCV virus vaccine,
and Bird-flu more than one time

(1-2-2018 UDN udn.com/news/story/7266/2908720, 2012 BBC news :  www.bbc.com/zhongwen/trad/chinese_news



Leaking patients' medical records is a normal social protocol in Taiwan     UDN  1-3-2017  

In Taiwan, journalists are not used to respect patients' privacy... our hospital members do not get (cognosis) very clearly on the principle of protecting patients' privacy...
<快速看診、洩露病歷淪常態 醫療倫理何在>> https://udn.com/news/story/7266/2205935










Too many fake scholarly papers, the gov. never handled it well ...


●  Fake papers again  -

Taiwan's image worsens for top scholar Chen (陳慶士) 's eight papers were found fake in the US.    / UDN 4-1-2018

There's neither democracy on campus (colleges) nor university autonomy, / Apple Daily, opinion, 5-1-2018

●  UDN 5-5-2018 opinion: Associations of national and private universities criticized this is the darkest ever moment in Taiwan's history of university autonomy.

●  Lousy conducts and bad ethics in Taiwan's academic circle happened again and again, but never be handled seriously,
some careless-done fake papers are either ignorant or extremely audacious, some are even fraud-crimes,
only legal punishments can stop these, Taiwan government should take hard line now, even resulting in

 "corpses lie all over the country " ps11 / UDN 1-11-2017 

●   Lousy students with totally 38 score in entrance examination are good enough to be freshmen

of Taiwan's university, it's an international joke ! / The China Times, 7-20-2017




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4. Understand truly Taiwan ...  bit more  The dark side of Taiwan







  Lack Judicial independence .
United Daily 6-18-2016 head page:
      Taiwan prosecutors admitted they usually take compliant & subordinate manner  to follow their commanding officer's order to access legal cases


      Also ref to "USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices", the US State Department, 3-3-2017.



 †   Taiwan's justice dodged the celebrity
         ps: The official hat has 2 flies-swapper - implying
               they only deal with tiny little ones instead of major criminals 






  Taiwan Police fired strong water cannon
against unarmed students and compatriots

courtesy news photos by Apple Daily and Liberty Times

 †  Japan fired strong water cannon
        toward Taiwan's official ship and fishing boat,

        Taiwan's very weak water cannon was mocked by Japanese media.  (ps5)









Panda love bamboo

  backbone had degenerated, tail-bone has strengthened for too many whip  ―  to see through political tool's bones
TW legislator (congressman): Is Taiwan president US's puppet emperor? professor criticized that Taiwan president doesn't dare to land our island without US's approval / CTV 7-15-2016 21:02


 †  Taiwan should stand manly,
     project strength
Taiwan may go to "USA and China co-adm. Taiwan" status again - it was what happened when former president Chen in charge / the China Times , Mar. 2016



 †  Panda loves bamboo

        (the shape of Taipei 101 building)


The Chinese theory about economic integration with Taiwan is that it will bind the two together politically... /  Economist, 11-14-2015
Taiwan tries to use US to confront China... / ref to China Times Weekly, 3-18-2016 賢話政壇
About 5000 Chinese spies in Taiwan ...  /UDN opinion  3-15-2017













  Taiwan's sky, our air-space territory?

       ● Economist (special edition 2017): Taiwan will turn into a tiger again  ●Taiwan declared no other air forces are allowed to show their muscle in Taiwan air space/ Apple Daily 5-30-2016,...
CTV 11-27-2016, UDN 11-30-2016: China's fighters (much stronger than TW air force) flied past around Taiwan and passed through 1st Island Chain, Taiwan did not intercept them.  Taiwan has been watched by the super power for years...


 †  Taiwan's society, laughs the poor
instead of the prostitute
ps: Other discriminations include hospitals discriminating

mental disease ( Melancholia (depressive disorder) ) patients







Taiwan has enough laws, but lax management (administration) hurt too many people, e.g., traffic accidents killed too many people - local and international tourists. / ref. to The Sun, BBC, People's Daily, Washington Post, CNN, etc 2015 ~ 2017.
The SUN 2-13-2017: :
BUS CRASH HORROR !  it has come under fire in recent months over safety standards.
2-13-2017 :






Cart before the horse
Be b
lind to fundamental issues - democracy, human rights, food safety, judiciary, etc,  But put efforts on political propaganda show-business !
ps: this cartoon was exhibited in Bulgaria, Cyprus, etc







   Big muzzle on law enforcement officers
money-talks working fine in Judicial system

         a deep-rooted perspective in Taiwanese mind


 †  Lady Justice became "Venus"




   To educate warmongering politicians
is dangerous & unpredictable






        ps: this cartoon was printed in periodical in Europe
      Watch the people?, or listen to the people




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"Poles were murdered twice, 
first by the stroke of an axe,
         and for the second time by silence;
    the second death is worse ... ! " 

 by Jam Zaleski , the Polish film <WOLYN> (Hatred)  about political tortures 1939 ~ 1945


old-way torture

no more evidence like this by high tech torture