ho is editing your life ?   reading & changing  your mind ?


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                                                                                                                         below are visual parody cartoons...

Computers read & control your mind !  Who is the dark power ?

  far more than what Snowden surfaced.        
You're joining the history,  and learning political stunts ever knew ... Once opening this page, you already pressure the ruthless evil power !  


  Main Purpose    


Find out the evil in shadow who selected innocent people as the subject for high-tech. attacks or experiments.

 What is mind-control stunts ?

      ―  You may be scared out of your mind  ...

1.   It may invade, occupy or own you, - 'Hacking' into your brain, distracting you, replacing you
(e.g., "remotely" controlling your teeth to bite your tongue, or leading you to utter disease speaking), is a practical death sentence ( just like beheading in East Sudan, a murder in virtually, like organ-harvesting in China...), if second life is possible some day, one world is not enough.

2   Loading information (e.g., the voting result 'leave EU'  before UK referendum done), music (e.g.,  heard same song shortly before another people's humming ),  the heads-up advices (e.g., 'many ranking officials love and benefited from this tech. on them' ), creepy Halloween voice etc to your head.  It is version 2.0 of CIA’s torture “waterboarding” and may cause a turmoil in one's mind, or killing one's spirit.  To my experience, noises may ring my ears during traveling in the sky, doing CT scan, MRI in the hospital.   Sometimes it input jokes, just like a bomber aircraft dropping bombs together with some first-aid kits.


I want you
US StarGate report seems to deny having such high-tech. mind-controlling weapon

Disney miki mouse

a head to roll, a tragic show /

mind was wirelessly controlled & documented
jedi-mind-tricks theft
(no implanted-chips needed)




"It's cruel !  worse than any torture ,
to twist a man's soul ..."
( movie <Silence>, 2016/2017 )










Snoopy is being listened

   Why 'Snoopy' always slept on the roof ?



'Snoopy' feels naked
when his private life is so open to dark force snoops




     pic. left:   I (USA?) want your soul !
or a penny for your thought??
History is watching


3. Invisible illegal intruders reside in your head secretively, and "communicate" with you (you may think it's you talking to yourself, or just thinking by yourself).  You are not alone.

4.  Editing your dream, interrupting your sleep ( like CIA’s torture “sleep deprivation”, which The American Psychological Association (APA) apologized at July 10, 2015, but new-tech. criminals have alibi), horrified stories may haunt your unwelcome dreams   

●Toys R is !


ps: inspired from arts by Keith Haringpolitical torture





Toys R us ! 

To be, or not to be?


"Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing end them?..."

    by William Shakespeare


 that is not the question!  Fight it !!


   Electrocution = mental torture / death inside.        a crime against humanity !

5.  Blinding you, misleading your emotions to love or hate the wrong one, misleading your behavior or decisions.   

6. A sicko stalker program is watching and seeing you, turning your every embarrassing movement or thoughts on  records, jedi-mind-tricks theft making human being’s mind crystal clear.  Stealing your soul is more immoral than NSA stealing your e-mails. (PS: Over 6 million people are stalked each year in the US., this high-tech. theft suppose is not included in that statistics yet)

7. Modifying your face, changing the look in your eyes, making your memory fuzzy or clear...  A “housefly’s compound eye” can lead your eyes to see something specific.

8.  Playing God, or replacing God.   Clouding one or "persuasively" 'brain-washing' one into wrong believing, or driving people to question their beliefs.  It may bit improve your performance, but, at huge cost... like Popeye's spinach with lots of pesticide and industrial addictives.

9.  Tingling sensation of any part of one's body, to early-alert someone to danger; or may electrocuting you.  It gives you a pain in the ass or may damage human’s health or destroy lives.


human as bullets bomb

You're targeted !



"how many times must the cannonballs fly
Before they’re forever banned?"

"how many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn’t see ?
"Blowing in the wind", by Bob Dylan, winner of 2016 Nobel award in literature

God & evil

    evils reckless play or replace Gods
following the light of the world ?

Historically, no separation of church and state politics

CIA torture lynch

   Electrocution version 2.0 
by cordless remote-control





 ★ Europe is not the suspect according to my experience





 The L.A. Times (12-18-2016): "Trump is delivering on his promise to be unpredictable on foreign affairs.  He sees unpredictability as a valuable tool, which keeps adversaries off-guard..."
The China Times, editorial (11-23-2016) mentioned US
national security adviser Michael Flynn had similar words.

    With Trump's and Flynn's statements,  Euro. or other countries very likely are not the prime suspect reading or controlling human's mind. 


   D. Trump in his State of the Union Address said : "We no longer tell our enemies our plans".


 US president  Donald Trump's chief strategist Steve Bannon in Hollywood Reporter at 11/18/2016 : "Darkness is good,... Darth Vader. Satan. That's power."


Europeans helped me to hold a world cartoon contest & global 1st time cartoon-arts exposition on the net, under the theme of fighting against dirty politics.  In that event cartoonists and artists from 70 + countries joined.


 No any 'voices' ringed my ear while traveling in Europe (France, Germany, Holland, Italia, Swiss, etc), Japan, and Singapore, Korea, etc.  But it did happen in USA and Taiwan.  


   West Europe remained the most peaceful overall region of the world for 6th straight years, according to Global Peace Index 2012 by UK's  Economist  Intelligence Unit.  

◆  Europe has rich cultural heritage and humanism quality, suppose won't do immoral attacks on its citizens or individuals without wrongdoings. (ps)




I want You



                                         pic.:  Satan's whisper, into the heart


Why the prime suspect should speak openly
        about mind-control terror

1.  If the US (  hypothetically it's US )  authorized Taiwan or any other country to use that high tech. to any humans, US should order them to admit it, because, Even ISIS or 'terror' groups claim responsibility for their torture or attacks.

2. If it's US, they certainly should acknowledge it,  because:


 US president Obama stated (Dec. 2014), "We make mistakes, we admit them", because this is “an important step to ensure mistakes won't be repeated.”


   3.  If it's any other country or syndicate, we should work together to find it out !  Europe and the US certainly are their top-choice targets.






Why the world  should get together
to avoid immoral invasions

   ◆   Will the darkness under table insist using old tech. to carry out systematically mass surveillance? or by using latest, much more advanced jedi-mind-tricks which is much more precise !?

   ◆  Many world people have statistical or researching value.   If valuable information can be got through a painless, unaware approach, many may be victims.     In some cases people may aware something abnormal  if they were taught and in cautious status. 

  Toying with humans, capitalizing on others' pains, are contrary to world values (like Nuremberg Code, French Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (since 1789), UK’s the Great Charter, US Bill of Rights, Swiss Geneva Conventions(1949), etc), and definitely are stains on history.   Without a moral compass, power runs amok.  Setting aside dirty politics in lieu of humanity.

◆  One of best known proverbs is :Power corrupts,  Absolute power corrupts absolutely (1st Baron Action); Similar one is UK House of Lords (1770) saying: Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who posses it.  

  According to documents in Nuremberg Trial, the medical doctor(s) love to have as many brains as possible for researching.   Eventually some Nazi scientists were illegally/immorally released in exchange for their research papers from human experiments, therefore, the possibility that human soul experiments continued can't be ruled out.

   ◆ If putting tiny little case into a black box, they will keep a lid on big things. 

   ◆  World people hence can know universal mind-control can be used for good, not only for evil purpose.   Although 2/3 Americans wouldn't want a tech. to build themselves better (Pew Center survey 2016), It may save people with  Stroke, Dementia, Epilepsy, Melancholia, sexual dysfuction, UI (urinary incontinence),… most people will live with Alzheimer's, this may help too.






Xmas tree cartoon

   'Star War' in Xmas

Break a person with(out) harming physically



cross and rape


   Taiwan's Lady Justice's scale became a chopping block  ...?



Church war

    go low, or go high ?





Liberty statue

   Liberty statue tears with heart

No trading in other's soul for saving yours




watching you


     Watch the people?  or listen to the people ?

They watch u, u can't see them

Politicians want dirt, and "high-tech." thefts dig it 
Americans dislike systematically collecting their phone data, certainly hate mind-reading on them



Golden Rule, USA gift to United Nations 

   Brain-to-brain terror
American true spirit & core value 
: All men are created equal.  But...

a visual parody cartoon modifying "The golden rule" (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you), an art-work gift from USA to the United Nations (headquarter) in 1985,  to advise setting aside dirty politics in lieu of humanity. 

Golden Rule:  http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?NewsID=47089#.WBmJCSzr2Uk

Nuremberg trial










   a proof - Scientists love "unlimited number" of brains for "researching".
documents in Nuremberg Trial (WWII) shows the Nazi medical doctor Hallerverden liked to have "unlimited number" brains ( from illegal kills) for researching. 
Nazi's T4 medical crime murder center will return today?



 Sleepy beauty &  pokemon

    haunting project in a



mind control cartoon

   "Brave New World" in "1984"
- human mind control equals raping in
a non-barbaric act

save humans !     save humanism !!


cross, crosswalk, tomb cartoon

All lives matter, Here lies the truth
 - some politicians pave a crosswalk
to save their own skin by sacrificing others

 Let's find out who are the worst politicians!


Thinker & Liberty statue cartoon

    "I think therefore I am"
The Satan may pay it no mind to freely edit your mind
ps:Evil took all sorts of liberties to limit the liberty of free think, throw u off focus.


Snow White,
   Think different !

"Mannequin" challenge

Harass, and control your life
y pulling the strings
- immorally
Snow White may become hot Marilyn Monroe


Mind Control

  "ghosts" in the soul
targets are 'possessed'
ps: inspired from a famous Japanese film "貞子"


surgery war cartoon


     Un-bloody organ harvest 2.0 
safety deposit box for people entering the field
a willful act, or being done by a dramatic surgery

Hitler Nazi returns
Hitler watch people

    The dead are alive, The alive are dead  

They watch u, u can't see them

ps: Hitler expressed he likes mind-manipulating weapon - so that all things will be a lot easier.


  The 40th US president R. Reagan replaced cartoon characters' head with those works' author American cartoonists' head-shot
                       in a political cartoon exhibition in White House.  Certainly, not a real 'beheading' action at that time ! 

dick cartoon


   cyborg 2.0 - half dead or half alive
mind-control equals raping crime -
immoral, psychotic, promiscuous



torture victim cartoon 


embedded "bombs"
were secretly "implanted"

to hypnotize, manipulate victims


       find wrong target         

   Compound-eye got  wrong targets
inspired from the book <The American moral crisis>




          computer cursor hand
    New Nazi's Under-hand

    started a joke which started the whole world crying ...



Why trust me    or you trust those pro. political liars ?

Probably like Euro. leaders, I don't have irrefutable proofs or confirmation on mind-control attacks (there's no air-raid warnings), but smart people certainly believe me by reasoning.  Below is an analysis, not speculation.

  1.  If I have not experienced them, how can I know those  “stunts” which Nobel Peace Prize candidate, Snowden has not surfaced yet?     CIA's torture reports in 2014 includes wire-electrocution, constant noise or giving no sleeps for 180 hours.  Wireless control tech. was silenced till now.    

  2. New York Times (7-27-2016) reported using science to meddle with human abilities to think "are not even close to ready now".  But based on my experience, it's been working for years.

◆  3.  Brutal truth often come with cost, is any victim else willing to pay to make the victimizers to pay the price.  if no one’d like to pay it in grave danger, the progress is killed.

  4. Taiwan (Republic of China) president Ma officially pronounced (e.g., in FTV, 1/10/2011) that "We have not reached that realm/territory/level (mind reading) yet".   He didn't talk other more advanced methods/techs of the torture mentioned in this web-site.  

 5.  Top officials of the dark force don't dare to deny this, because all descendants will mock,  history will judge, and destroy their image of role model.

 6.   I, an international awards-winning artist, hold reporter's Press Card from European Organisations for 10+ years.

 7.  World number 1 ranking status ――    Since 1997, I held on my own dime (probably, unique on this planet, any officials willing to??) world 1st time int'l cartoon contest & expo. on the net, and world No.1 cartoon contest ranking on Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc, for fighting against dirty politics and promoting human rights,  Asia & Pacific best news, the Straits Times, reported this on its head-page,  in that event cartoon-artists from 70+ countries joined.  Bad experience gave me motivation to do all these!


 8.  I hold US green card (permanent resident) which worths USD 1+ million, but I have not come back the states since.



reporter first reach final line

     Best reporter reaches final-line first




open to public

     Right timing for opening the black-box


(strong countries're fully prepared, e.g., China 7-2-2016: "Nothing spooky stops us, scares us"("不信邪, 不怕邪"), weak ones had enough immunization injections, suppose)

We the world are not fragile people !



Hello Kitty Speak Out


 freedom of expression is re-defined

speak out loud    (Kitty is a Japanese icon character without a mouth)



buddha monk

     Martin Luther King (USA) & Mohandas Gandhi’s (India) non-violent approach 
to fight
evil worming their way into the brain



Music poetry against persecution 

    a poetry resonance VS evil's voices  (韶vs武)




scream reporting terror 

    SCREAMing  for
electrocutions & creepy voices

 unbiasedly reporting the dark power is beating up
on the weakness who can't defend themselves


press interview cartoon

     Truman show

'Psychology' comes to play




World War II dusty-old-style theatrics return in new forms -
Creating fears by setting 'topless' examples


(a violent drama - flunkies and opportunists persecuting or humiliating
the innocent target
-victim(s) as an enemy, or a traitor)



trial show
scientific + old low humiliations ...






How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world








pic.:  3 Billboards outside the crime scene,

 a visual parody of "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri", Oscar award nominee of 2018

The darkness didn't and won't feel "great pain",  but chief Willoughby did










an invisible invasion ?!

The darkness fully support freedom of expression !

You can scream as loud as you want



 last sayings  ... ...  


 †  politician's peace of mind by sacrificing casualties

puppets pull the strings cartoon

   "read" , "write" and "humanism"
are redefined by

political criminals with alibi




Trump build a wall

     Hope Trump will build a sky-high great wall  to block  illegal "aliens" into human's heads!!
 ps:  Donald Trump in 2016 Republican National Convention Speech looked down the phrase "puppet" and "pull the string"...




    humans inside-out,
'batman' upside-down?

(Bats sabotage rivals' senses with waves)



   'Nazi' is pulling stunts on 'spider-man'



heart broken
heartened by the spirit of peace ??

electronic shocks
form a emblem of peace








          Super-real "Brain Storm"
                                                                           ps: US gov. new study : mobile phone could actually give u cancer



I am watching you, roof cartoon 

      Tame Head 
think digital warfare purgatory a digital safe haven

hoi polloi under control













  "moratorium" or Obscurantism
fools the people

it's not democratic !

     If one's soul inhabits another's body
(eternal life), one world is not enough


Hitler Pull strings 

   "Satan" reaches telepathically
inside the mind of victim -
like puppet
is doing control-freak's bidding








Lady justice & Venus



   Lady Justice became 'Venus'





   "Hail Hitler !!"















 †     keyhole or loophole  ?
        ps: this cartoon was printed in periodical in Europe




 †  Exorcist vs Demon spirits








peace or war

     war <――> peace





   Think scientifically, no hard evidence to reveal who the terror in the shadow is, but, highest officials' avoiding answering is the answer !





      PS      :
BBC, Guardian (UK) reported US-UK deal allows the US government systematically collected data from British citizens not being suspected of any wrongdoings, and  the US spied on all allies e.g., Germany, France, Japan without their consent.  UK's <Economist Intelligence Unit> <Global Peace Index> of 2007~2016 gave the US ranking No.96, 100, 104, 85, 82, 88, 100, 101, 94, 103 among world-wide nations.    Besides, US former president Jimmy Carter (the book  <The American moral crisis>)  comment the moral crisis of USA.






White Terror may refer to WIKIpedia:

3 Nuremberg Code :  a set of research ethics principles for human experimentation set as a result of the subsequent Nuremberg trials at the end of the Second World War

  1.       Required is the voluntary, well-informed, understanding consent of the human subject in a full legal capacity.
  2.       The experiment should aim at positive results for society that cannot be procured in some other way.
  3.        It should be based on previous knowledge (like, an expectation derived from animal experiments) that justifies the experiment.
  4.        The experiment should be set up in a way that avoids unnecessary physical and mental suffering and injuries.
  5.        It should not be conducted when there is any reason to believe that it implies a risk of death or disabling injury.
  6.        The risks of the experiment should be in proportion to (that is, not exceed) the expected humanitarian benefits.
  7.        Preparations and facilities must be provided that adequately protect the subjects against the experiment’s risks.
  8.        The staff who conduct or take part in the experiment must be fully trained and scientifically qualified. 
  9.        The human subjects must be free to immediately quit the experiment at any point when they feel physically or mentally unable to go on.
  10.         Likewise, the medical staff must stop the experiment at any point when they observe that continuation would be dangerous.

4      The Sydney-based Institute for Economics and Peace  < Global Peace Index >

      The US's Global Peace Index 2007~2017 : world No.96, 100, 104, 85, 82, 88, 100, 101, 94, 103, 114.
      China's Global Peace Index 2008~2017 : world No.60, 82, 83, 80, 80, 89, 101, 108, 124, 120, 116

      ◆  Review the US by studies and reports in the US and the United Nations, etc.




"Poles were murdered twice, 
first by the stroke of an axe,
         and for the second time by silence;
    the second death is worse ... ! " 

 by Jam Zaleski , the Polish film <WOLYN> (Hatred)  about tortures 1939 ~ 1945

ps: Political "murder" usually destroy life as well as personality !







 ( a violent, penetrative scientific power) "You called Discovery,  I called the Rape ..."  /  Jurassic Park ,  1990

ps: the visual parody cartoon was exhibited in Japan, etc.



ho is editing your life ?   reading & changing  your mind ?


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1st edition, 10-2016, updated later