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Some zu's cartoons in world series            



Snoppy fantasy


  韓國展覽 Exhibited in Korea



massage and oriental girl

   美國日本以色列、台灣 等國展覽  exhibited in Japan, Israel

 left side of this pic was  printed in The China Times, leading news in Taiwan at that time



mock poor, infirm, ill, elder in park


美國葡萄牙、台灣 等國展覽 printed in Journal USA, exhibited in some countries, e.g., Portugal



cash box and prostitutes, street girl

 日本、韓國 等國展覽   exhibited in Japan, Korea, etc




scream painting cartoon


捷克 展覽  exhibited in Czech



shooting arrows to easy target


韓國、台灣 等國展覽  printed in The China Times, leading news in Taiwan at that time, exhibited in Korea



dog and loyalty


韓國、賽普路斯 等國展覽
exhibited in Cyprus newspaper, and Korea




Foot and boot (shoes)


荷蘭台灣 等國展覽, exhibited in Nederland, printed together with an article in The China Times, a leading news in Taiwan




old man isolated in an island


保加利亞、賽普路斯 等國展覽exhibited in Bulgaria, Cyprus




begger play the violin for changes in majestic hall

  捷克 展覽  exhibited in czech (originally black-white pic)
theme: solo




toilet, rest room, wash room, cartoon





POLO shirt and diamond ring

  1>     Look who's here!    honey
2>     "Ralph Lauran" ?   Are you showing off your little rich ??
3>     What a big dimond ring !
4>     Are you showing off your poor wife always staying at home ??