Judges for the Taiwan society dinosaur nouveau noun, meaning the judiciary "living in the age of dinosaurs," the judge, drawing ancient dinosaur era, herbivorous dinosaurs slow reaction of reality (which is past the stereotype about dinosaurs) image, in order to describe some judges and social knowledge or values ​​seriously out of tune interpretation of law verdict. 以往被形容為恐龍法官或恐龍判決的判例均與婦女人身侵害判決有關,但目前已被用來廣泛的指稱所有不符社會期待的裁決結果。 Previously been described as a dinosaur dinosaurs ruling the judge or the jurisprudence of both judgments about physical abuse of women, but has been used extensively all allegations of match social expectations verdict. 由於社會價值取向雖無明確標準,但大眾對於犯罪行為的刑罰,有其「罪責必須與刑罰相等」的普同應報觀(參見應報理論 ),倘若法官在斟酌案情與法條適用性上,無法契合社會普遍期待,既使旁徵博引、取材精確,仍可能因觸犯眾怒而導致困擾甚至司法生涯衝擊,這使得承審社會矚目案件的法官可能因巨大的輿論壓力,而影響其判決的公正性。 Although there is no clear social value orientation as standard, but Volkswagen penalties for criminal acts, have their "guilt and punishment must be equal to" the same should be reported to the general concept (see should be reported to the theory ), if the judges consider the merits and the law on the applicability of Article , you can not fit society in general expectations, even informative, drawing precise, may still be in breach of public outrage caused by the impact of distress and even judicial career, which makes order of the trial judge to social attention may be tremendous public pressure, which will affect the fairness of its judgments . 值得注意的是,在台灣被視為恐龍判決的案件即使在海外也能引起廣泛共鳴,日本、大陸香港等地即曾多次轉載相關新聞並視為荒唐奇聞;而2010年美國國務院甚至在所公佈的年度人權報告,具體陳述了法官一再在性侵兒童案上做出不當判決,並引發白玫瑰運動乙事,並以此批評台灣在婦幼人權保障不足的情況。 It is noteworthy that in Taiwan is considered dinosaurs judgment cases even in overseas can resonate, Japan, China and Hong Kong that have been reprinted many times and as absurd anecdote related news; while in 2010 the U.S. State Department and even the published annual report on human rights, the judge has repeatedly stated in the specific cases of child sexual abuse made ​​on improper judgment and lead to the White Rose Movement B thing, and thus criticized the inadequate protection of human rights of women and children in Taiwan in the case of .

由於社會觀感變遷快速且無標準可循,即使建立對法官是否適任的評薦機制,仍須設法定義出如何量刑才能恰如其分、滿足多數人的期待,這可能才是問題癥結所在。 Rapidly changing due to social perception and no standard to follow, even for judges to establish the suitability of any of the review and recommendation mechanisms, still trying to define how the sentencing to appropriately meet the expectations of most people, this is the crux of the problem may be. 面對資訊透明化、扁平化,顯然以往僅依賴法官自由心證補足的法律不足的局面已經不敷需求,因此近來已逐漸有探討的聲音,希望能找到可供司法人員遵循的共識。 Face information transparency flattening, apparently ever rely solely on the judge free proof insufficient to cover the legal situation has been insufficient demand, so there has recently been increasingly explored sound, hoping to find a consensus for judicial officers to follow  .

無論以「恐龍法官」或「恐龍判決」來針對個別判例甚至司法人員的批評是否得宜,這類名詞在偏好不願理解全盤細節,即輕率作出喜惡結論的一般民眾間,已產生心理學上的視網膜效應(Retinal Effects),使人們更常聚焦且更易輕率地對不符期待的判決結果作出這樣的負向歸類,把相互間無關聯的判決結果關聯到整個司法體系,從而動搖了民眾對司法的信心。 Whether a "dinosaur judges" or "dinosaur Judgment" to target individual case or even whether the proper judicial criticism that such preferences do not want to be understood in terms overall detail, likes and dislikes that hasty conclusion of the general population, it had produced psychology retinal effects (Retinal Effects), make people more often and more easily focus on the discrepancies blithely expect to make such a negative verdict to be classified, the mutual association verdict unrelated to the entire justice system, which has shaken the people on the confidence in justice  .