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    Brain-to-brain terror in today

    Evil science plays God




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  pic.: No. 1  "high tech mind manipulation" on US Google, test at 2-28-2020



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11-5-2017, 9-5-2017, 4
-3-2017, 5-26-2017



    toys R us
(no implanted chips needed)


    Why 'Snoopy' always
slept on the roof ?



Snoopy is being watched












   pic. : No.1 ranking "high tech mind experiments" on US Google and US Yahoo,
test at 11-5-2017, 9-5-2017, 8-10-2017, 5-26-2017










   pic. : No.1 ranking "high tech minds manipulations" on US Yahoo, test at 4-9-2017





    pic. bottom: No. 1 ranking by keyword "high tech tortures" on Google  , 9-9-2017, 3-3-2017 


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   New York Times (Sept. 3, 2018) : ... microwave weapons can debilitate, sow noise or even kill.  Advanced powers, might accomplish more nuanced aims such as beaming spoken words into people’s heads. (brief)   news about 2 years later than and fewer than those this website surfaced...

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