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         Taiwan police

loopholes in social security


Transparency International, Germany /  Global Corruption Barometer, released in 2022 -
comparisons among main Asian countries
The percentage (67%) Taiwanese people paid a bribe to police is much higher than

that in China, Japan, S. Korea and Malaysia


people who think
 is a big problem
public service
 paid a bribe
in the previous
 12 months
police gov.
in previous
Taiwan 90% 17% 67% 19% 20% 38%
Japan 84 2 10 7 26 36
Malaysia 71 13 30 28 16 20
China 62 28 16 18 18 39
S Korea 55 10 8 26 42 17


Independent, BBC, 2023-6-20:  the drugging of preschool children in Taiwan have sparked widespread alarm on the island.  Some teachers at the kindergarten gave children phenobarbital to “make them more compliant”. A rally  calling for greater transparency from the police investigation, with many criticising authorities for their lack of public disclosure.  bbc.com/news/world-asia-65947346   Derek Cai      CNN, 2023-6-21: parents told police that their children were irritable and showed self-harming behaviors...   NBC, 2023-6-21:  the children appeared “irritable” and at times physically aggressive.  news.yahoo.com/kindergarten-teachers-accused-drugging-children-120403604.html


Taipei Times , 2023-4-26: Special Police Corps would protect key infrastructure, not to engage in military action, Minister of the Interior says.  They would be trained by military personnel dispatched from the Ministry of National Defense to combat and shoot in confined spaces, and use machine guns and grenades Police officers are to undergo anti-infiltration and counterassault training to enhance their ability to protect Taiwan's key infrastructure.  "If it is wartime, a wartime system would be enforced".  taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2023/04/26/2003798624  Taipei Times , 2023-4-24: The Cabinet is also planning to expand the Second Special Police Corps to 4,000 officers in an effort to safeguard more than 500 critical infrastructure sites.   The Second Special Police Corps (保二總隊) is responsible for protecting nuclear power plants and science parks, while the Seventh Special Police Corps is responsible for the safety of financial institutes and reservoirs. The Cabinet should seek to build a consensus in the legislature to ensure the bills pass, DPP Legislator Wang Ting-yu said. taipeitimes.com/News/front/archives/2023/04/24/2003798499  CTV (中視), 2023-4-26: They said the government is planning to build police to be alternative army stirring a backlash by lower elements police...  Deputy Premier said: There is a line between army and police.  DPP Legislator 趙天麟 (Tiō Thian-lîn): military trainings include 1. Rifle and machine gun training   2. Grenade throwing   3. Small force units combat  4.  Skills in close Melee combat  5. Fighting in urban warfare  6. Shooting in urban warfare   youtube.com/watch?v=0dyF1ARgWjY 


Forbes, 2022-12-11 : Gallup Market Research Taiwan pollster Ting says the downside of Hou's (Hou You-yi: Top vote-getter on Nov. 26 triumphed as the KMT candidate in race for mayor of New Taipei City;  a potential candidate for 2024 presidential election) background could be a negative association with police ...  msn.com/en-us/money/news/one-of-these-seven-people-is-likely-to-win-taiwan-s-high-stakes-presidential-vote-in-2024-gallup-pollster-says/ar-AA159rHV


United Daily,  editorial, 2023-3-11 : Times have changed - Taiwan's criminal-mafia ignore the police. The police turn a blind eye to underworld's drug trafficking, violent debt collection, and running business of casino & pornography to earn huge profit,  some big shots of mafia take the position of National Policy Advisor to the President and members of the Central Executive Committee, how can they take the police seriously? udn.com/news/story/7338/7023929?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub7338_pulldownmenu_v2


Statista 2022-11-18 (statista.com/statistics/1103848/taiwan-number-of-crimes-by-type/ ) :  Number of crimes committed in Taiwan in 2021, by type

Statista /  Number of crimes committed in Taiwan in 2021, by type

Rank crimes by type number
1 offense against public safety 42001
2 offense against narcotics hazard prevention act  38644
3 Larceny 35067

a case study on Larceny/Theft  - No.1 "Taiwan larceny" on Bing, 2023-5-5


China Times, 中時 editorial,  2022-11-17:  Former president Chen vigorously promoted high-ranking officers in police field and the intelligence, hence more and more police belong to Green-camp.  After Tsai Ing-wen came to power, the 'pro-green' of the police has become a climate.  Since then the police has become a political tool of the Democratic Progressive Party to crack down on dissidents.  It not only frequently "check" public speeches " in the name of cracking down on fake news, but also makes the police less effective in social-security work chinatimes.com/opinion/20221116005059-262101?


★  United Daily Liberty Times, Up Media, 2022-3-30:  Two criminal policemen left without permission during carrying out their duty to have fun with girls in snack bar therefore were infected with CovID-19, furthermore, they tried to hide the facts while facing epidemic contact tracing and then led to a big loophole, till now, 8 criminal policemen, 2 high-ranking policemen, and 2 administration staffs in four police stations were infected.     news.ltn.com.tw/news/life/breakingnews/3877641   udn.com/news/story/120940/6201898  upmedia.mg/news_info.php?Type=24&SerialNo=141169


Taipei Times, 2022-9-13 : The results of a survey released yesterday by the Foundation for the People showed  that 73.6 percent are dissatisfied with public safety in Taiwan, while 25.5 percent are satisfied. taipeitimes.com/News/taiwan/archives/2022/09/13/2003785231


United Daily,  editorial, 2022-9-:  Taiwan's social security is deteriorating - black gun executions, human trafficking, homicide cases are rampant, even policemen became victims of random killings ...



United Daily,  editorial, 2022-7-24:  "Taiwan's social security is stable" -  government's tricky and empty slogan !  too many guns and illegal drugs, fraud, etc in Taiwan.  udn.com/news/story/7338/6483566?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2


《China Times 中國時報》 , editorial, 2022-1-3:  How much president Tsai I. W. has done for our social security network ? The answer is too shy to speak out.  (總統蔡英文元旦講話再提「鞏固社會安全體系」,與過去2016、2020就職演說所強調補漏社會安全網的內容相比,悄悄刪除了防範兒少安全隨機殺人、思覺失調症傷人者、毒癮、家庭暴力等警政治安問題。梳理蔡總統的社會安全網做了多少?答案竟羞與人提。)  chinatimes.com/opinion/20220102002809-262101?chdtv


United Daily,  2022-7-4:  Former National Police Agency (NPA) Director-General Chen Ja-chin (陳家欽) expressed that he stepped down for Minister of Interior getting involved police personnel The opposition (KMT黨團總召曾銘宗) criticized this as "a scandal".   udn.com/news/story/122919/6433404?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub122919_pulldownmenu_v2


United Daily,  2022-7-17: About 100 gun-shooting cases in 2021 hits a 6-years record high.  udn.com/news/story/7338/6466751?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2


China Timesopinion, 2022-7-3:  There're not enough high-ranking police positions available, in order to get promoted, police officials try every connections for it  ;  on the surface, conflicts between Police chief (Chen Ja-chin , 家欽) and Minister of Interior (Hsu Kuo-yung, 徐國勇) ,under the table, increasing intensive fighting are going on between premier (Soo Tsing-tshiong, 蘇貞昌) and Minister Interior。The most important part, administrative neutrality of the police, has been ignoring during their game.   chinatimes.com/opinion/20220702002577-262101?chdtv


United Daily, 2022-7-3:  Police Director-General (陳家欽) who was forced to retire without pre-warnings, criticized that Minister of Interior politically got involved police personnel issues, ignoring workplace ethics. Both have different political forces as backup,  the conflicts probably are just a tip of a big iceberg, which is DPP's spoils system ( “to the victor belong the spoils”) .  New Taipei City mayor (侯友宜) says, we need a complete promotion systems for the police.  udn.com/news/story/11091/6430236?from=udn_ch2cate6643sub11091_pulldownmenu_v2    udn.com/news/story/122919/6432321?from=udn_ch2cate6638sub122919_pulldownmenu_v2    vip.udn.com/vip/story/122367/6431328?from=udn-category


  《China Times 中國時報》 , 2021-11-24 People seem to living in a pressure cooker, there is no way out of pain and depression, social violence is increasing day by day,  the increasing suicide rate reflects people's desperation or hopelessness in life.  Senior officials don't even try to solve these issues.    chinatimes.com/opinion/20211123004533-262101?chdtv

  《China Times Databse , 2021-11-24Recently, Taiwan's society is filled with disorder and violent killing, social security is bad...  (近來社會充滿失序與暴力殺戮,治安敗壞) chinatimes.com/opinion/20211123004792-262104?chdtv


Yahoo Taiwan》, 2021-11-23:  all opposition parties blast the government not fulfilling its promise to patch the loophole of social security network.  tw.news.yahoo.com/在野齊轟-社會安全破網遲不補-222338789.html 


Next TV news 壹新聞》, 2021-11-23, 12:11: a big loophole in our social security net.


Yahoo Taiwan》, 2021-11-22: A series of social security events in entire Taiwan occurred tw.news.yahoo.com/全台治安連環爆-總統發布3重點打擊犯罪-141200795.html


United Daily 》, editorial opinion, 2021-11-23: Can the government see those random violence in our daily life?   After the government became addicted to propaganda,  the online army and propaganda have been used to brainwash the people, which is the main reason the society gradually became irrational.  udn.com/news/story/7338/5909805?from=udn_ch2_menu_v2_main_cate


United Daily 》, editorial opinion, 2021-6-1: Some high-ranking police officers abused their power to take CovID-19 vaccine ignoring internal discipline and a long waiting line (high risky basic-level police fighting CovID at front line) behind.  udn.com/news/story/11091/5501984?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

★  The China Times, Next TV news,  2021-6-14  
National Police Agency (police headquarter) and Taiwan central government abuse power to cover Taiwan Police College students jumping the long queue to have vaccination.   TaiNan city mayor explained they just follow "central gov. " to do this, so did KaoHsiung city government.   chinatimes.com/realtimenews/20210613004215-260402?chdtv 

United Daily 》, Apple Daily, 2021-3-23: Taipei police station has taken bribery to harbor night club running sex business, in total about NTD 5 millions in recent 5 years; policeman of 南港分局 committed the crime of forcing obscene and insulting a woman asking help...  (udn.com/news/story/7321/5336562,  tw.news.yahoo.com/知法犯法-南港分局警察藉職位之便-對求助者伸鹹豬手-051342241.html)


United Daily 》, editorial opinion, 2021-4-24: The police got innocent good citizens caught, but scare demon citizens, such as a group of people wearing black clothes broke in police station SongSan branch (松山分局) and damaged some computers, but the police let them go freely.  This is a sign of  public power's decay, the prelude to degradation of police discipline... because the top-position officials are busy in power struggle.  udn.com/news/story/7338/5410015?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

Apple Daily》, 2021-5-2 , editorial:  the relationship between politicians, police and gangsters is "buddy buddy (你『膿』我『膿』)! The elites in the system choose political side instead of the value right or wrong, which leads to a huge-size crime structuretw.appledaily.com/headline/20210502/CCEYKR4SKNBTTC2ZVOINUGIWGQ/

Apple Daily》, 2021-4-26, editorial: The police from top to low-ranking need and is urgent to take law and human rights educations ... recently there's a music course lady teacher 詹 was blocked and checked up by a policeman with the reason "I have never seen you before" and " look nervous " (神色緊張) the lady refused to answer question and intended to leave,  then she was thrown to the floor and suppressed on the ground by police's judo which caused lots of 'injuries' ... the lady blurted out "silly", hence was handcuffed and arrested as an active criminal/offender back to police station and was locked in prisoner's Detention Room.


China Times , 2021-4-28, editorial: The police were reduced to ruler's tool, abuse power and violate the law, all these were harbored by the government ―  degradation of democracy and judiciary

United Daily2021-4-28, editorial : Taiwanese police repeatedly over-police and over-arrest citizens, such as, a citizen on the street waving national flag to Taiwan's president fleet was charged Offenses Against Public Safety by the police; another one was lodged a false accusation in the name of  "interfere with public affairs" for a police's tricky and fake "falling down".   The police were aiming at personal performance appraisal score and convenience therefore their enforcement standard is from bad to worse.   udn.com/news/story/7338/5415649

Apple Daily》, 2021-4-29, editorial:  Taipei police station has already been tarnished by lousy image of harboring & setting free suspects、 burying a crime & erasing evidences,  lying etc, the government should investigate the case sooner.   tw.appledaily.com/headline/20210429/FYTLUHQN3NB2PHYDVI3H6XAFH4/

China Times , 2021-4-26:  The number of cases that the police transferred suspects towards judiciary in the name of spreading rumors in 2018 is only 21,in 2019 increased to 151,in 2020 totally 233; ... The police violated the laws to arrest a citizen lifting a board on the street to express opinions, as an active offender/criminal without informing the offenses charged, on the purpose of catering to the direction by the high officials, the policeman selected a "older" innocent woman as target ?  ( 「選一個老一點的」無辜婦人就抓了?)   chinatimes.com/opinion/20210425003310-262110?chdtv 王子文

China Times , 2021-5-1 editorial:  "The gangsters rule the country":  Just spent USD 330 on sending a "the help" gangster to make trouble in police station, which results in a police chief to step down... a political party should never go this way - clean syndicate (politicians) scare the gangsters, the gangsters scare the police, the police scares politicians. ( 一個政黨絕不能「白道怕黑道,黑道怕警察,警察怕白道」chinatimes.com/opinion/20210430002881-262101?chdtv



China Times》, 11-11-2020 , editorial:  Malaysian newspaper thinks Taiwan apparently an extremely unsafe place because two Malaysian ladies were murdered (another one was cut-to-pieces) Taiwan within one year.   A poll by KMT shows 48.9% Taiwanese thinks social security is worse than before.

United Daily 》, 11-14-2020 , editorial: Taiwan's Executive Yuan (prime ministry) is disable on issues e.g., social security, food safety ......  udn.com/news/story/7338/5014020?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2

《Economist》UK , EIU
The Safe Cities Index 2019 
 Taiwan is worse than its neighbors Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, Australia, NZ ...

   Taiwan's "personal security" dropped 14 places compared with the previous yrs. report

personal security : No.1 Singapore  3 HK  4 Tokyo  5 Wellington  7 Osaka  10 Sydney  12 Dubai  15 Seoul  16 Melbourne 20 Taipei 
Infrastructure security :  No.1 Singapore 2 Osaka 4 Tokyo  7 Sydney  7 Melbourne  9 Wellington 14 Seoul  18 HK  24 Taipei

Digital security:

No.1 Tokyo  2 Singapore 11 Osaka 11 Sydney  11 Melbourne 17  Seoul  22 HK  23 Taipei

Health security:

 No.1  Osaka  2 Tokyo  3 Seoul  8  Singapore  10 Taipei 
personal security inputs are Level of police engagement, Community-based patrolling, Available street-level crime data, Private security measures, Effectiveness of the criminal justice system, Hazard monitoring, etc
Liberty Times》, 11-12-2020:
 Crimes of violence kept worsening  ―  in recent 5 years, the number of four major crimes(恐嚇取財、傷害、妨害自由、刀械槍枝)gradually increases from 20732 in 2015 to 24638 in 2019,in all six major cities, according to statistics.


United Daily》, 11-1-2020 , editorial: "Is Taiwan still safe?"  A Malaysian girl student in 長榮 university was strangled to death and abandoned her corpse by a Taiwanese young man,  this criminal case showed the loophole of social security and campus safety network.  The ignorance of city administration, police, and university leads to public doubts concerning our government's determination to protect safety of all the people in Taiwan.


★   People's Daily, 10-15-2020, commentary: Taiwan strictly monitors its own nationals, which is called "Green Terror"  http://js.people.com.cn/BIG5/n2/2020/1015/c359574-34350271.html


Apple Daily》, 11-2-2020, editorial: This sort of S.O.P. can not improve Taiwan's social security social security certainly is national security, in addition to the system, we need to rely more on the excellent execution, which is the key to safety of all of us.  (tw.appledaily.com/headline/20201102/HBOAZYRFNFBXHORRYQYY2XQL4Y/)


鏡周刊 (Mirror Media), 11-24-2020: Taipei social security alarm is sounding !  gangsters murdered citizen in public, it's rarely seen Taipei police station has not distributed the news about solving the case and pretended nothing was happened.  Taipei mayor kept reminding police of holding press conference for any major criminal cases. 


United Daily , 11-26-2020, editorial: Many many times, the police tried to decline with all kinds of excuses reporting a case by Taiwanese .  But before the annual "Autumn Struggle" protest march, some policemen went to pig farmers' house for "DUI checkpoint" , some other policemen  made phone-call to ask who join the protest and which route they were going... It's so scary !  It's "Green Terror" ! https://udn.com/news/story/7338/5044337?from=udn-catehotnews_ch2


 The China Times, 7-14-2020: Taiwan police were forced to select the right political side and follow the right boss to get promotion. (not by their "ability")  (政治上「擇木而棲」)


 World Economic Forum (WEF)  <Travel and tourism competitiveness report> released at 9-4-2019 shows Taiwan's "safety & security" got an Eastern Asia-pacific average score 6.0, and is worse than Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore.


Liberty Times 》, 9-13-2020, opinion : The police high ranking always has a phrase ( the reason has nothing to do with police govt. ) for rank-and-file policeman's no matter breaking laws and violating discipline, or even karoshi (sudden death from overwork)...  some leader was slammed for their bureaucracy and exploiting subordinateshttps://talk.ltn.com.tw/article/paper/1399346

  The China Times, 2-25-2020 editorial: Due to bad Income distribution, Taiwan's social security (offender rate) has worsened 50% from 2001 till 2018.   (bit better in 2019)


★   illegal migrants !   At Feb. 26, 2020, Taiwan police arrested, within 5 hours, an illegal foreign worker who took care of a CoronaVirus(CovID-19) patient a number of days ago, but, without CovID-19 involved, Taiwanese officials always hard to find any illegal migrant workers, you can tell whether or not Taiwan gov. is part of crime structure?  SETN, United Daily, 2-6-2020: illegal foreign workers might be loophole of Taiwan's CoronaVirus epidemic prevention.  


Apple Daily 》,  11-21-2020 : Many random killings were happened on the street since last April,those cases were ignored by the public after 2~3 days' media reports, the principle of secret investigation is hard to review the current circumstances for  these kinds of cases. The principle of presumption of innocence (ei incumbit probatio qui dicit) makes enforcement officers to try all efforts on not holding suspect in custody, eventually no one knows how many "most-wanted" were caught by police's DUI checkpoint...   https://tw.appledaily.com/forum/20201121/BAJHO7T4HNGGVK3CYXT3RNRLCI/(鄭善印)


United Daily 聯合報》, 3-27-2020:  Taiwan police field has complained since long time ago that there's no basic rule for promotion, it became worse and weird in recent years, the "backers" instead of the system decided every position goes to ...


United Daily 》, 3-28-2020, opinion :  The head of Taiwanese police is not the leader of police headquarter but Taiwan president, P.M., and minister of interior/高源流 


《 Liberty Times 》, head-page, 5-1-2019: The back door of special-purpose phone for police has been wide-open, all citizens' privacy or personal data were under danger.