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         Taiwan weak cultural creativity

Kow-Tow "soft" diplomacy


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♣ BBC (2023-10-16): A spooked and lonely Taiwan looks for new friends. Increasingly Taipei relied on its chequebook to hold on to a dwindling list of allies, mainly in the form of aid and investment. But today China's cheque book is bigger than Taiwan's.   Foreign Policy (2023-4-24): Taiwan Isn't Playing Dollar Diplomacy Anymore. Taipei can't outspend Beijing to win friends. But it's got other things going for it.  ABC News (Australia) in Sept. 2022 reported Taiwan was trying to reconnect with the world by Cultural creativity  -  films, etc.

♣  the Lowy Institute Asia Power Index, 2023 Edition

Cultural Influence No.1 US , No.2 China, No.3 Japan, No.4 India, No.5 Australia,  No.6~No.12 Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Rus, Indonesia, Vietnam,  No.13 Taiwan (ROC)
Comprehensive Power  1.US, 2.Chn, 3.Japan, 4.India, 5. Rus, 6. Aus, 7. S. Korea, 8. Singapore, 9.Indonesia, 10.Thailand,  11.Malaysia, 12. Vietnam, 13. NZ, 14. Taiwan (ROC)
Diplomatic Influence   No.22 Taiwan (ROC), No.1 China, No.3 Japan, No.6 S. Korea, No.10  Singapore
Economic Relationships  No.12 Taiwan (ROC), No.1 China, No.3 Japan, No.4 Singapore No.5  S. Korea




♣ ISSF's Global Tourism

ranks countries
1 Spain
2 France
4 Italy
5 Thailand
6 Swiss
7 Turkey
8 China
9 Germany
10 Australia

♣ ISSF's  Global Entertainment & Media Penetration



1 US
2 S. Korea
3 Japan
4 India
5 UK
6 France
7 Spain
8 Mexico
9 Turkey
10 Italy
♣ THE WORLD'S TOP 20 SOFT POWER NATIONS IN 2023      04/15/2023
Association of Accredited Public Policy Advocates to the European Union
Ranks country Ranks country
1 US  (74.8) 11 Sweden
2 UK (67.3) 12 Spain
3 Germany (65.8) 13 Russia
4 Japan (65.2) 14 Australia
5 China (65) 15 S. Korea
6 France 16 Nederland
7 Canasa 17 Norway
8 Swiss 18 Denmark
9 Italy 19 Saudi Arabia
10 UAE 20 Belgium
The Global Soft Power index  incorporates a broad range of measures, which in combination provide a balanced and holistic assessment of nation’s presence, reputation and impact on the world stage. These include familiarity, influence and reputation as well as performance on eight soft power pillars, including Business & trade, Governance, International Relations, Culture & Heritage, Media & Communications, Education Science, People & Values, Sustainable Future

 ♣ ISSF's Global Soft Power Index 2023

Ranks countries ranks countries
1 US 14 Australia
2 France 15 Sweden
3 UK 16 Denmark
4 Japan 17 Norway
5 Germany 18 UAE
6 Swiss 19 Holland
7 S. Korea 20 Turkey
8 Spain 21 Belgium
9 Canada 22 Austria
10 China 23 Saudi Arabia
11 India 24 Finland
12 Singapore 25 Qatar
13 Italy img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/905bb114-a609-4bd0-a33b-dabe335781b0/downloads/ISSF-WSPI-2023-FINAL.pdf?ver=1692105020621

  AFP, 2023-11-26: after a Taiwanese director voiced support for the island's independence in an acceptance speech in 2018's  Golden Horse Film awards, There were no mainland films in the 2019 nomination list and several Hong Kong movies dropped out that year, while big commercial productions were conspicuously absent at both the 2020 and 2021 awards.

  Variety, 2023-11-26:  After Chinese industry to boycott Golden Horse, parts of the Hong Kong industry have stayed away too. Many Hong Kong film folks find themselves torn between the developing political and financial realities back home and Taiwan's indie-spirited film industry. Tsai's government has unveiled a succession of policies seemingly designed to use culture and entertainment to give the island territory a larger profile on the world stage.  It remains to be seen if more of the TAICCA-seeded projects come to fruition. And if Taiwan's film and TV companies are willing and able to fill the gap in the market created by Hong Kong's production slowdown and by mainland Chinese entertainment's inward turn of the past five years... brief msn.com/en-us/news/other/taiwan-drifts-towards-cultural-power-as-golden-horse-film-awards-cap-month-of-industry-activity/ar-AA1kvpBA  Patrick Frater

♣  Reuters (Filed: December 24, 2021, 8 a.m. GMT  reuters.com/investigates/special-report/taiwan-china-tsai/ ): Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen is wielding a mixture of soft and hard power as she seeks to fend off a more assertive China under President Xi Jinping.   "Diplomatically, politically, and in the Sino-U.S. relationship, the two sides are at war", Senior KMT lawmaker Johnny Chiang says to Reuters,“This has not benefited Taiwan.

  abc news (Australia), 2022-9-8: Amid China's military and diplomatic isolation, Taiwan turns to films and games to reconnect with the world.  Taiwan was still "in its early days" of building soft power.  While Taiwan's government had been aware of investing in soft power for a long time, there was a lack of coordinated strategy between different ministerial departments. "The DPP did put more of a focus on things like multiculturalism and democracy, whereas the KMT focuses a little bit more on the Chinese base to Taiwanese culture" ; In 2020, Taiwan reported $44.7 billion in revenue from its creative industry, with a 9.83 per cent increase in overseas sales on the previous year.  msn.com/en-au/news/australia/amid-chinas-military-and-diplomatic-isolation-taiwan-turns-to-films-and-games-to-reconnect-with-the-world/ar-AA11zOGi

Asia Nikkei (Japan), 2022-5-30: Taiwan makes soft power grab for Europe's Mandarin learners Push comes as China's Confucius Institutes face global headwinds.   asia.nikkei.com/Politics/International-relations/Taiwan-makes-soft-power-grab-for-Europe-s-Mandarin-learners

The Diplomat 10-5-2020 (https://thediplomat.com/2020/10/us-presidential-elections-2020-the-taiwan-factor/) advises that Taiwan’s strategic calculus could double down on its use of soft power,  e.g., Taiwan made its donations quietly to avoid Beijing’s ire.  Brookings (https://www.brookings.edu/opinions/increasing-soft-power-is-a-low-cost-high-return-strategy-for-taiwan/
 1-22-2018:  Increasing “soft power” is a low-cost, high-return strategy for Taiwan,  “soft power ”— may prove every bit as valuable for strengthening Taiwan’s standing over the long run.  Financial Times (UK) 12-3-2020: Anxious Taiwan launches US charm offensive to win Biden’s backing.  This is sort of soft power applications.   Bloomberg 11-2-2020: Women Are Leading Taiwan’s Public Relations War Against China. Taipei’s representative in U.S. makes use of soft-power edge. The women running Taiwan are looking to boost a soft-power edge over Beijing and promote an inclusive democracy system. (www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-11-01/women-are-leading-taiwan-s-public-relations-war-against-china?utm_source=google&utm_medium=bd&cmpId=google) However, Washington Post, 5-20-2020: There's a limit to what this soft power can achieve ...  Taiwan was unable to compete with China's economic and political clout, Taiwan has seen its already small list of diplomatic backers diminish ...

How is Taiwan's soft power ?? 
Till 2020, Taiwan has not been included in Portland (PR company Portland Communication) or USC( University of Southern California.) Soft Power survey ranking list, which values each country's
"enterprise",  "engagement",  "digital",  "culture",  "education" and "govt.".  We can say Taiwan's soft power is behind Asian's top 30 nations , including Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, China, India, UAE, etc.   In 2019/2020, Asian's winning countries include No. 8 Japan, No.9  Australia, No. 17 New Zealand,  No. 19  S Korea, No. 21 Singapore, No. 27 China.  In 2018, Asian countries Japan(No.5), S. Korea(20), Singapore(21), China(27) won top 30 .  The world top 30 are 1. UK, 2. France, 3. Germany, 4. US, 5. Japan, 6~30 are Canada, Swiss, Sweden, Nederland, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Spain, Finland, Belgium, Austria, NZ, Ireland, S Korea, Singapore,   Portugal, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Czech, China, Russia, Brazil, Argentina. 

Another survey, the UK based Monocle's Soft Power Survey ranks nations according to their culture, politics, business, diplomacy and education rather than their financial or military power, drawing on US academic Joseph Nye's notion of applying power by persuasion and attraction rather than coercion or force.  Taiwan always failed Monocle prior to 2019.

Brookings (https://www.brookings.edu/opinions/increasing-soft-power-is-a-low-cost-high-return-strategy-for-taiwan/
) at 1-22-2018 commented that Increasing “soft power” is a low-cost, high-return strategy for Taiwan,  “soft power ”— may prove every bit as valuable for strengthening Taiwan’s standing over the long run. 

In 2010, Dr. Joseph Nye said hard & soft power enable Taiwan to deal with China and expand its international space. (Dec. 8, 2010)   In 2010 Annette Lu, former vice-president of the Republic of China (Taiwan), advocated the ROC's use of soft power as a model for the resolution of international conflicts.  However, in 2013 a series of food safety scandals in Taiwan has hurt consumer confidence, and now there are worries they could dent the island's economic growth and damage tourism (BBC, 11.19.2013).  Food safety issues continue till 2018.   USA Country Reports on Human Rights practices, 4-20-2018:the justice ministry was insufficiently independent and conducted politically motivated investigations of politicians.  According to Taiwan's national Chung Cheng university survey 2-23-2016, about 80% Taiwanese don't believe the impartiality of Taiwan's judiciary (prosecutors and judges).     At Jan. 29, 2015,  Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je in <Foreign Policy> commented Taiwanese democracy: "Does Taiwan have democracy? Real democracy means politics belongs to the people. Taiwanese politics belongs to corporations and is controlled by political parties".   

In 2007, Yale published a book ""Charm offensive: How China's soft power is transforming the world".    Taiwan also stated "Taiwan is small, but our 'soft power' is big ! " , "Culture makes Taiwan great ! "
The true answer is : Taiwan's soft power needs to be improved  !


 Taiwan's soft power  vs.  Asia's soft power

Till 2020, Taiwan has not been included in Portland or USC Soft Power survey ranking list, so Taiwan's soft power is behind Asian's "world top 20" nations , including Japan, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, China, India, UAE.     for details : click Soft Power

world best surveys Taiwan's rankings
in top 25~30 list
comparison with
other Asia & Pacific countries
Brand Finance -  Global soft power Index 2022 failed 1. US, 2. UK, 3. Germany, 4. China, 5. Japan, 6. France, 7. Canada, 8. Swiss, 9. Russia, 10. Italy
ISSF's World Soft Power 2022 failed 1. US 2. France, 3. Germany, 4. Japan, 5. UK, 6. Swiss, 7. Italy, 8. S. Korea, 9. Spain, 10. China,11.India,12. Sweden, 13. Canada, 14. Australia, 15. Denmark
Brand Finance -  Global soft power Index 2021 failed 1. Germany,  2. Japan, 3. UK, 4. Canada, 5. Swiss, 6. US, 7 France, 8. China, 9. Sweden, 10. Australia, 11. Korea, 12 Holland, 13.  Russia, 14. Norway, 15. Denmark, 16 NZ, 17. UAE, 18. Iceland,    19. Italia, 20. Singapore
US News: 2021 Best Countries Overall failed top 10 2. Japan,  5. Australia   7. New Zealand
Brand Finance -  Global soft power Index 2020, top 60 n/c https://brandirectory.com
Top 30 SOFT POWER by Portland
 failed No. 8 Japan, No.9  Australia, No. 17 New Zealand,  No. 19  S Korea, No. 21 Singapore, No. 27 China
US News: 2020 Best Countries Overall
The Best Countries in the World
n/c No.3 Japan, No.5  Australia, No. 11 New Zealand,
No. 15 China, No. 16 Singapore , No. 20  Korea,
No.22 UAE , No.25  India,  No. 26  Thailand,
No. 30  Qatar
2018/2019 Monocle's Soft Power survey  failed No. 3 Japan, No.8  Australia, No. 11 New Zealand, No.15 Korea, No. 19 China,  No. 21  Singapore,  No. 25 India
2018/2019 Soft Power 30 Study by USC Center on Public Diplomacy  failed No.5 Japan, No. 10 Australia, No. 18 NZ, No. 20 S. Korea, No. 21 Singapore, No. 27 China
2017/2018 Monocle's Soft Power survey  failed No. 4 Japan, No.9 Australia, No. 13 New Zealand, No.17 Korea, No. 19 China,  No. 22 Singapore, No. 24 India
2017/2018 Soft Power 30 Study by USC Center on Public Diplomacy  failed No.6. Japan,  No. 8. Australia,  18. NZ,  No. 20 Singapore, No. 21 S. Korea,  No. 25.  China
2016/2017 Monocle's
Soft Power survey
 failed No. 3 Japan, No.6 Australia, No. 13 New Zealand, No.17 Korea, No. 20 China,  No. 23 Singapore, No. 24 India
2015/2016 Monocle's
 Soft Power survey
 failed No. 4 Japan, No.6 Australia, No. 13 New Zealand, No.15 Korea, No. 21 China,  No. 23 Singapore



  According to a survey of 2020, Singapore ranks No.1, Japan No.7, Korea No. 9 on "enterprise",  Japan ranks No. 5, China No.10 on "engagement", Korea ranks No. 5 on "digital", Japan ranks No.6, China No. 8 on "culture", No any Asian country ranks top 10 on "education" and "govt."

Best Countries overall in 2020:  1 Swiss 2 Canada 3 Japan  4 Germany  5  Australia  6  UK  7 USA  8 Sweden  9 Nederland  10  Norway  11 NZ  12 France  13 Denmark  14  Finland  15 China  16 Singapore  17  Italy  18  Austria  19 Spain  20  Korea  21  Luxembourg   22 UAE  23  Russia  24 Portugal  25  India  26  Thailand  27  Greece  28  Brazil  29  Israel  30  Qatar  31  Saudi Arabia   32 Malaysia   33 Mexico  34  Poland  35  Turkey


ISSF's World Soft Power Index 2022
Brand Recognition

2 Japan
3 Germany
4 S. Korea
5 UK
6 France
7 Italy
8 Swiss
9 China
10 India


ISSF's World Soft Power Index 2022
Entertainment & Media Penetration

2 Japan
3 India
4 S. Korea
5 UK
6 France
7 Turkey
8 China
9 Italy
10 Spain




Times Higher Education ,  World University Rank 2023


Rank Taiwan China Korea Hong Kong, Macau Singapore Japan



16   Tsinghua University Beijing


17  Peking University Beijing


51   Fudan University Shanghai

52   Shanghai Jiao Tong University Shanghai

67   Zhejiang University Zhejiang

 56  Seoul National University Seoul



31  University of Hong Kong


45  Chinese University of Hong Kong


58  The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


19   National University of Singapore



36   Nanyang Technological University


39  University of Tokyo



68  Kyoto














74   University of Science and Technology of China


95  Nanjing Univ.


78 Yonsei Univ. (Seoul campus)


91  Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Daejeon


79  Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ. 


99 City Univ. of Hong Kong


PS:    National Taiwan University (台灣大學) only got No. 187  (No. 113 in previous year) , number of students per staff  11.4,  female/male  42: 58, int'l students 11%



Biggest movers down the ranking in the past 12 month

Taipei (Taiwan) ranks world No. 53 

  City Location Rank Index Rank Move Index Move
1 Wellington New Zealand 50  85.7  -46  -8.0
2 Auckland New Zealand   34  89.2 -33  -6.8
3 Adelaide Australia 30  90.7 -27 -3.3
8 Taipei Taiwan  53 85.1 -20  1.2



world's most livable cities  ... include Taiwan's ?
Till 2020, Taiwan has not been included in the top ranking list of the world's most livable cities  

world's most livable cities
world best surveys Taiwan's rankings
in top list
comparison with
other Asia & Pacific countries
The EIU's Global Livability Index Ranking   2021 failed top 10  
The World's Best Cities to Live In 2020 failed top 10 1. Tokyo Japan, 3. Singapore, 5. Melbourne Australia, 8 Seoul Korea, 10. Sydney Australia
Monocle's Quality of Life survey 2021 9 Taipei 1. Denmark, 2. Swiss, 3. Helsinki, Finland, 4. Stockholm Sweden, 5. Tokyo, Japan, 6. Vienna  7 Lisbon, 8. Auckland, 9 Taipei, 10. Sydney
 The EIU's Global Livability Index Ranking   2019  failed in the top 50 No.2  Melbourne,  No.3  Sydney,  No.4 Osaka (Japan), No. 7 Tokyo,  No.10  Adelaide,  No.12 Auckland (NZ),   No.15 Wellington (NZ),   18 Brisbane  (Aus) ,    No. 38 Hong Kong,  No. 40 Singapore,   No.57  Seoul (Korea),  Taipei behind   
Monocle's Quality of Life survey 2019 failed in the top list


No.2 Tokyo (Japan),  No.11 Melbourne (Australia), No.13 Sydney,  No.16 Hong Kong,  No.17 Kyoto (Japan),  No.21 Auckland (NZ), No.22 Fukuoka (Japan),  23 Brisbane,  25 Singapore
Deutsche Bank Liveability Survey
not included in the top list
No. 2 Wellington (NZ),    No. 7 Melbourne ( Australia ),  No.10 Sydney,   No.14 Tokyo  No.16 Auckland (NZ),  No.17 Dubai (UAE), No. 23 Singapore,   No. 26 Saudi Arabia Riyadh,  No. 29 Seoul (Korea),  No. 33 India Bangalore,  No. 39 Malaysia  Kuala Lumpur,   44 Hong Kong,   46 India Delhi,  No. 48   Shanghai (China), No. 55 Beijing
Safe Cities Index (SCI)  2019,   EIU (Economist UK), NEC failed in the top 20 No.1  Tokyo, No.2  Singapore, No.3 Osaka (Japan),  No.5 Sydney (Aus), No. 8 Seoul (Korea), No10 Melbourne, No. 20 Hong Kong  
ArchDaily / The World's Most Livable Cities in 2019 failed in the top 20 No. 3. Auckland, New Zealand, 11. Sydney, Australia,  No.15. Wellington, New Zealand , No.17. Melbourne, Australia  
 The EIU's Global Livability Index Ranking   2018  failed in the top 50 No.2 Melbourne (Australia),  No.3  Osaka (Japan),  No. 7  Tokyo (Japan) ,  No.10       Adelaide  (Australia),   No.12 Auckland (NZ)    Wellington (NZ) ... ... (omitted),  Taipei 58
 The EIU's Global Liveability Index Ranking   2017  failed in the top 50  No.1  Melbourne,  No. 5  Adelaide,  No. 7  Perth,
No. 8 Auckland (NZ),  No.11 Sydney,  No.13  Tokyo,  No.  14  Osaka,  No.16 Brisbane,   No. 20 Wellington (NZ),  No. 35 Singapore,  No.45  Hong Kong,  No.58  Seoul (Korea),  No.60   Taipei  

EIU (Economist UK)'s  Global Liveability Index evaluates stability, healthcare, culture&environment,  education,   Infrastructure



 Taiwan's cultural power - pls. see this web-page,
Taiwan's other soft power -  please click  !  ( ps: "Hard Power" means military power, etc  ―  Taiwan has not invented any top weapons. )


This websites group was ranked No.2  "Taiwan soft power" on US Bing at 2022-12-12; No.1
 "Taiwan soft power"
on US Bing at  12-3-2020, 10-23-2019, 11-28-2018; This websites-group was ranked No.1 on Yahoo search engine by keyword "Taiwan soft power" at  12-3-2020, 10-23-2019, 11-28-2018

pic. left:  top5 "Taiwan soft power " on Metager at 2022-12-12; This website was ranked No.1, 2   "Taiwan soft power" on MetaGER of Europe, Oct. 23, 2019; among top 5 rankson metager.de at 2022-12-12  pic.  :   This website-group was ranked No.1  by keyword "Taiwan soft power" on Baidu of China, 12-3-2020, Oct. 24, 2019



pic.:  No.2 "Taiwan soft power" (Chinese version) on Bing, 2022-12-12;  This websites group was ranked No.1   "Taiwan soft power" in Chinese on US Google and  Bing at  2-5-2019, 11-28-2018





pic.:   This website-group was ranked No.1  "Taiwan cultural creativity" 
on US Bing,
2022-12-12, 12-3-2020, 10-23-2019,  Oct. 1, 2018; This website-group was ranked No.2   "Taiwan creativity", on US Bing, 2022-12-12; No.1 at 12-3-2020, 10-23-2019,  Oct. 1, 2018;This website was ranked No.1  "Taiwan cultural creativity" on Yahoo search engine, 12-3-2020, 10-23-2019, Oct. 1, 2018

pic.:  This website was ranked top 2 by keyword "Taiwan cultural and creative industry",
on US Google, Oct. 1, 2018



Monocle's soft power survey:

2018/2019 Monocle's Soft Power survey

1  France 16 Nederland
2 Germany 17 Finland
3 Japan 18 Norway
4 Canada 19 China
5 Swiss 20 Belgium
6 UK 21  Singapore
7 Sweden 22 Ireland
8 Australia 23 Austria 
9 USA 24 India
10 Portugal 25 Brasil
11 New Zealand ps: Asia & Pacific countries marked
12 Italia
13 Spain
14 Denmark
15 Korea


2017/2018 Monocle's Soft Power survey

1 Canada 16 Nederland
2 Germany 17 Korea
3 France 18 Finland
4 Japan 19 China
5 UK 20 Belgium
6 Swiss 21 Austria
7 USA 22  Singapore
8 Sweden 23 Ireland
9 Australia 24 India
10 Italia 25 Brasil
11 Denmark ps: Asia & Pacific countries marked
12 Portugal
13 New Zealand
14 Spain
15 Norway


2016/2017 Monocle's Soft Power survey

1 USA 16 Norway
2 Germany 17 Korea
3 Japan 18 Finland
4 UK 19 Brasil
5 France 20 China
6 Australia 21 Austria
7 Canada 22 Belgium
8 Sweden 23 Singapore
9 Swiss 24 India
10 Danmark 25 Poland
11 Italy ps: Asia & Pacific countries marked
12 Spain
13 New Zealand
14 Holland
15 Portugal

2015/2016 Monocle's Soft Power survey

1 Germany 16 Norway
2 USA 17 Austria
3 UK 18 Finland
4 Japan 19 Portugal
5 France 20 Belgium
6 Australia 21 China
7 Sweden 22 Brazil
8 Swiss 23 Singapore
9 Danish 24 Poland
10 Canada 25 Turkey
11 Spain  
12 Italy
13 New Zealand
14 Holland (Neitherland)
15 Korea

Taiwan is not included in soft power survey as well as 2015/2016 Quality of Life survey.

2014/2015 Monocle's Soft Power survey

1 USA 16 Norway
2 Germany 17 Finland
3 UK 18 Belgium
4 Japan 19 China (better than 2013/2014)
5 France 20 Austria
6 Australia 21 Ireland
7 Swiss 22 Brazil
8 Sweden 23 Singapore
9 Danish 24 Portugal
10 Canada 25 Poland
11 Spain 26 Turkey
12 Italy 27 Mexico
13 Holland 28 Greece
14 New Zealand 29 Russia
15 Korea 30 Argentina

Taiwan is not included in soft power survey as well as 2014/2015 Quality of Life survey ―  No any city in Taiwan is included in the list, some cities in Asia are ranking top, those are No.2 (Japan Tokyo)  No.3(Australia Melbourne), 9(Japan Kyoto), 10 (Japan Fukuoka), 11(Australia Sydney ), 12(NZ Auckland), 13 (Hong Kong), 16 (Singapore), No.25 (Australia Brisbane)

2013 Monocle's Soft Power rankings
No. countries ranks in 2012
1 Germany 3
2 UK 1
3 USA 2
4 France 4
5 Japan 6
6 Sweden 5
7 Australia 9
8 Swiss 8
9 Canada 10
10 Italy 14
     The Guardian, UK (6.19.2013) : ...
Over the last few years, China has attempted to salve its soft power angst with hard cash, pouring money and manpower into the movie industry, the culture-promoting Confucius Institute and the foreign-language output of state broadcaster CCTV. ...Last year, the outgoing Chinese president, Hu Jintao, wrote an essay bemoaning his country's poor performance in the cultural arms race. "We must clearly see that international hostile forces are intensifying the strategic plot of westernising and dividing China, and ideological and cultural fields are the focal areas of their long-term infiltration," he wrote, somewhat dramatically, adding "the international culture of the west is strong while we are weak."

 2012 Monocle's soft power rankings

 2011Monocle's soft power rankings
1 UK 11 Korea 1 USA 11 Norway
2 USA 12 Norway 2 UK 12 Denmark
3 Germany 13 Finland 3 France 13 Spain
4 France 14 Italy 4 Germany 14 S Korea
5 Sweden 15 Netherlands 5 Australia 15 Finland,
6 Japan 16 Spain 6 Sweden 16 Italy
7 Denmark 17 Brazil 7 Japan 17 New Zealand
8 Swiss 18 Austria 8 Swiss 18 Austria
9 Australia 19 Belgium 9 Canada 19 Belgium
10 Canada 20 Turkey 10 Netherlands 20 China
ps: In 2012 China soft power fell to no. 22,
      in 2011 China - it's a matter of freedom and control - and the scales are out of balance.
      In 2012, Britain ousts the U.S. as world's most influential nation: Country tops rankings for 'soft power'

 2010 Monocle's soft power rankings

1 France 14 Norway
1 UK 15 Japan
3 USA 16 Italy
4 Germany 17 China
5 Swiss 18 Israel
6 Sweden 19 Korea
7 Denmark 20 S. Africa
8 Australia 21 Brazil
9 Finland 22 Mexico
10 Netherlands 23 India
11 Spain 24 UAE
12 Canada 25 Turkey
13 Singapore 26 Russia

According to Monocle's soft power survey, each top-20 country has its special or stronger part, e.g., Korea soft power - A wizz with technology and now the pop powerhouse of Asia,  Japan soft power - Goodwill to all Japanese , thanks largely to a dynamic pop culture, Australia - Smart thinking has added to vast natural reserves of soft power, and China - Chinese government's continuing poor treatment of artist Ai who was prevented from travelling outside the country despite his growing global popularity and a successful year, USA -  continues to lead the world in investment in world food and health initiatives, plus tackling climate change, but it's military reputation of 2012 was further tarnished following reports of secret drone attacks in Pakistan, and its overseas occupations and unmanned drone strikes, plus an insular outlook during the recent election, lost the US its top spot..

 Dr. Joseph Nye said hard & soft power enable Taiwan to deal with China and expand its international space. (Dec. 8, 2010)


pic.1 Taiwan VS Korea, in Publications, Movies, TV, Ads., Pop music , CTN 12-24-2017 (Korea -red bar, Taiwan - blue bar )

 Taiwan stated "Taiwan is small, but our 'soft power' is big ! " , "Culture makes Taiwan great ! "
However, Taiwan's culture like a mouse in circles still stay in same place Taiwan's cultural & creative industry has nothing but slogans and many argues. The total value of Taiwan's cultural & creative production was far behind of that of Korea, Korea's value in publication is about 6 times larger than Taiwan's,  Film industry 6 times, TV 3.5 times, Advertising 3 times, Pop-music 6 times bigger than Taiwan's, according to statistics by Taiwan government and reports by headline news of the China Times at 12-24-2017.    CTN comments that Taiwan lacks of updated related laws and policy no focus, no direction, no institute, original creativity is not encouraged, the industry field is divided, without integrated marketing.   Taiwan's De-Sinicization policy gave up rich Chinese cultural background and history ......   so as to lose advantage in cultural-creativity battlefield.   
The output value of Taiwan's cultural & creative production in '12 - '13 declined 9.28%, in contrast, Taiwan's neighbor countries increased, China 14.27%, Malaysia, Philippines 8+%, Korea 0.65% ... Taiwan's cultural & creative industry even failed to create a "bubble", the reason is lacking of original creativity. / The China Times, 8-15-2017 
      ( ps: "Hard Power" means military power, etc  ―  Taiwan has not invented any top weapons. )

Taiwan's soft power  :  Artists are short of creativity & vivid imagination !    Government lacks of forward thinking  !


                        SOFT POWER 


(1) Not easy to upgrade "Made in Taiwan" to "Create in Taiwan",  since Taiwan has very few experts in creativity. (government does not think highly of them)

(2) Most Taiwanese professors (PhD) do theoretical studies, don't have talent (some even are not interested ) on witty creativity/design. 

(3) Ph.D usually is required for college teacher position, it's one criterion for Taiwan government to evaluate all schools.  Un-talented teachers can't train students to be talented.

(4) Taiwan's society and people don't think important of arts, culture, creativity, etc.  

(5) Taiwan government official in univ. paper said Taiwan doesn't have that kind of environment for creativity.  
     Creativity needs freedom,  democracy, and people's independent personality,  government officers don't like creativity, which means extra risk.

(6) Taiwan should fight "diamond cut diamond" with western nations in major fields , instead of going backdoor (or side-door) by exotic local culture, Eastern mysterious flavor, obscure codes, etc.

(7) Taiwan government used to give less budget to cultural field, and use e.g., movie as propaganda/comm. tool.   Taiwan needs int'l friends, but uncreative films won't attract enough audiences.

(8) Taiwanese government kicks cultural creativity to the corner , in that creativity seems no use for political election, but requires extra efforts on social controls/adm.

(9)  Taiwan's government prefers to use his own men.

(10) Taiwanese youngsters love heavy slapstick 、silly "Kuso" stuffs ("young-designers" policy is wrong).
     Taiwanese adults' imaginative power  is bounded, thinking in a roundabout/evasive way,  their tastes are lousy .......  pls. see 2 examples as below :


artworks introduced by Taiwan's largest news:

western artwork earlier


Merging Mao's photo  &  Tian-an-men Square
of Beijing

with "Miki mouse"
(to symbolize Red China's westernization  )

Morphing Mao
with "Miki mouse"
(to symbolize China's westernization  )


 is Biro Mihaly: A haboru borzalmai ellen, Plakat Budapest, Europe, at 1912. http://www.hnm.hu/utils/Gallery.php?ItemID=213&PicNum=9

fighter planes pass
Tian-an-men Square, and
human-beings as bombs

ps: this painting price 10 times from 2005 to 2008

using youngsters as artillery bullets

(appeared earlier)

to be continued, if necessary

comment Taiwan Cultural Creativity prt in <the United News> of Taiwan

 part of my critique-article printed in <United Daily News> of Taiwan